Barrhead South

East Renfrewshire Council (ERC) has appointed AECOM to undertake a Transport Accessibility Study of the Barrhead South area. The study will be undertaken in line with national guidance, and will consider all forms of transport and travel.

The project aims to understand the views, ideas and concerns of anyone who currently is, or could be, impacted by the transport accessibility of the Study Area as shown on the map below.

In particular, the study will examine the ‘case for change’ for improvements to road, rail, public transport, walking and cycling to, from and within the Study Area.

Gathering views from the public is an essential element of the study and so we are keen for you to provide comments via this Placecheck tool. The tool gives you an opportunity to detail what you like about the area, what you don’t like and what you would like to see improved. In particular, we would like to hear your views on:

  • Transport services – tell us what you like and don’t like about bus and rail services to get you to where you need to go.
  • Transport infrastructure – tell us what you think of roads, rail and bus stations, bus stops, pavements, cycleways, crossing points for pedestrians, electric vehicle charging points and accessibility of infrastructure for those with mobility difficulties.
  • Places in general – as you are moving around the study area, how do places feel to you in your everyday journeys to work, education, the shops, local services and trips you make for leisure at the weekend? What would you like to see improved?

Comments offered on the Placecheck tool may be used in the final reporting for this project. While all comments and contributors are publicly visible on the Placecheck tool, names of contributors will not be used in final reports. This tool will run throughout October 2018.

How to Placecheck

  1. Register by clicking the link at the top-right of the screen (if you have not already done so).
  2. Log in. This will make the Placecheck buttons appear.
  3. Click on the button for the type of marker you would like to add - the green button for ‘Add something I like’, the red button for ‘Add something I don’t like’, and the orange button for ‘Something we need to work on’.
  4. Click on the map where you want to make a comment.
  5. Click on ‘Save to map’.
  6. In the box that opens, write the title (e.g. ‘Park gates’ or ‘Litter’) and under ‘Description’ write what you want to say about it.
  7. Click on Save.

You can return to your marker later to edit or delete it, but you cannot edit or delete a marker that someone else has posted.

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