Aberdeen A96 Collective Travel Study Placecheck

The Aberdeen A96 Collective Travel Study – your views on how to make it easier to make sustainable travel choices

Aberdeen City Council, supported by Aberdeenshire Council, Nestrans and Robert Gordon University, is undertaking an EU-funded study into the A96 travel corridor.

The study, under the EU Civitas PORTIS programme, is looking at how to support people to make everyday travel choices that are better for our environment, our health and our communities.

If you make journeys along the A96, connecting roads and/or rail line between Inverurie and Aberdeen (outskirts and city centre), we’d love to hear your views on issues that need to be tackled to make it easier for you to travel sustainably. You can use the Placecheck map to add comments on things that you like about the corridor, things you don’t like and things you think should be improved to help you choose bus, rail, car-sharing and low emission vehicles, cycling or walking for everyday journeys.

You can zoom in and out of the map as you wish, and add comments anywhere on the map. Perhaps you have a view on:

  • bus stops on route and the services that serve them
  • points on the road network where buses get delayed
  • facilities and information at rail stations
  • cycling and walking paths and crossing points
  • on-road infrastructure
  • points where electric vehicle charging points might be useful to you

If you have a general comment that is not location-specific (e.g. on the cost of travel, information on sustainable travel), please feel free to add it anywhere on the map (and add a note that it is a general comment).

This Placecheck tool is open for comments for this project until 22 December 2017. Please be aware that comments made on this Placecheck tool may be referenced in a public report on the study by AECOM, the project consultants, although all comments will be anonymised.

How to Placecheck

  1. Register by clicking the link at the top-right of the screen (if you have not already done so).
  2. Log in. This will make the Placecheck buttons appear.
  3. Click on the button for the type of marker you would like to add - the green button for ‘Add something I like’, the red button for ‘Add something I don’t like’, and the orange button for ‘Something we need to work on’.
  4. Click on the map where you want to make a comment.
  5. Click on ‘Save to map’.
  6. In the box that opens, write the title (e.g. ‘Park gates’ or ‘Litter’) and under ‘Description’ write what you want to say about it.
  7. Click on Save.

You can return to your marker later to edit or delete it, but you cannot edit or delete a marker that someone else has posted.

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