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Things I likeNymph Hay Wood
ID 7366
Important woodlandDeborah Mather
20 Sep 20
Things I likeCarved stone decoration in the side of Woodbine Villa
ID 7365

Nice stone decoration to the side of the houseLinda Durno
18 Sep 20
Things I likeMature trees
ID 7364
Beautiful mature trees - have been there since at least the 1970s.Linda Durno
18 Sep 20
Things I likeOld sign on side of barn
ID 7363

Old sign on side of barn explaining that there is no longer a public right of way through the yard! Linda Durno
18 Sep 20
Things I likeVillage Green (locally known as the pond area)
ID 7362

Important public green space (registered as a village green). By all accounts there are cobbles under the grass close to the stream where the herd of cattle from Home Farm used to go to drink. These were covered over when the nearby cottages were refurbished years ago, and soil, etc was dumped there!Linda Durno
18 Sep 20
Things we need to work onDirection post
ID 7361
It is in a sorry state of repair with two of the directional arms missing, and, despite requesting several times over several years that the parish council or Highways repair or replace it, nothing has happened! It looks so neglected!!Linda Durno
18 Sep 20
Things I likeInset stone commemorating John Britton
ID 7360
Historian John Britton was born in Kingotn St Michael in 1777 - his cottage stood where the old village hall is (next to the telephone box) and this stone is the only commemoration of him in the village (unless there is something in the church).Linda Durno
18 Sep 20
Things I likeEdward VII post box in wall
ID 7359

Age and history of red postboxLinda Durno
18 Sep 20
Things I likeTown Close green
ID 7358
Important open green spaceLinda Durno
18 Sep 20
Things I likeVillage Hall
ID 7357

The village hall (the old school building) is a local heritage asset. Although it is within the conservation area it is not listed, but is a much used and needed building in the community; the village shop is housed in part of the hall. There is also a plaque on the hall, commemorating Squire Herbert Prodgers, who built the school in 1866.Linda Durno
18 Sep 20
Things we need to work onDisappointed
ID 7355
Very dangerous driving along this road throughout the day and night. Could a give way sign or a gate with a much needed speed limit of 20mph be installed to at the foot of the hill and/or close to the telephone box. Helen Bailey
17 Sep 20
Things I likeField in front of Rose Cottages
ID 7350
Captures the feel of a rural village and is unique as a prominent agricultural space in the conservation area part of the village.Could conceivably become a village green for all.Linda Christopher
16 Sep 20
Things we need to work onCars parking right on the entrance to Paddock End.
ID 7349
Cars park right on the entrance to Paddock End making it often extremely dangerous to emerge into the street either way as cars coming through the village from both directions can't be seen until you are right out into the traffic lane. Vehicles and buses coming down through the village from the restriction also have a blind spot just before Paddock End as they are unable to see oncoming traffic until they start passing legitimately parked cars between The Ham and Paddock End so then have to use the access to Paddock End as a pull in to let oncoming vehicles pass, if a vehicle is coming out of Paddock End and cars are parked right up to the corners it again becomes very dangerous. On several occasions I have had to abandon turning right out of Paddock End as there is not enough room to make the turn and instead go left and then turn round down near the shop before coming  back up in the direction I wanted to go. I would add that I have an HGV licence and have driven plant and 44 ton articulated lorries most of my 45 year working life and would not be highlighting this unless it was in fact unreasonable at times and very dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and anyone else using this piece of road. Many people are considerate and park 2 meters back from the junction which actually is enough but many don't leave any room at all. A white line to 2 meters on both sides might be all it takes to remind parkers that the junction is active and not just a private driveway as some think. Alan Watson
16 Sep 20
Things I likeGreen open area in the village,with a good specimen ash tree cultivar, called one leaved ash.
ID 7348
It is not a tree that is seen that frequently. Just hoping it does not get ash dieback disease. This open area with a few trees on it, is an important vista and breaks up the houses.Will Wilkinson
15 Sep 20
Things I likeView through to countryside
ID 7320
Important to keepJeff Bishop
4 Sep 20
Things I likeImportant tree
ID 7319
Jeff Bishop
4 Sep 20
Things I likeRecreation Field
ID 7297
Important local facility. John Hall
3 Sep 20
Things I likeHam Lane
ID 7263
A nice walkPeter roe
27 Aug 20
Things I likeChurch
ID 7262
Old buildingPeter roe
27 Aug 20
Things I likeAllotments
ID 7249
Important open spaceGeorgina Perry
3 Aug 20
Things I likeImportant green space on street
ID 7247
Must be keptJeff Bishop
30 Jul 20
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