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Things we need to work onrestrict dangerous driving and pollution
ID 13363
We feel that restricting this road to local traffic will have an immense benefit to the area. Significant reduction in traffic (into Coborn Road and beyond), increase road safety, reduction in air and noise pollution.Alex Schramm
7 Nov 22
Things I don't likeDangerous driving and pollution
ID 13360
This end of Tredegar Road permits a lot of non local traffic and forms a bottle neck with speeding cars. As a result most cars have to stop to allow others to drive past quickly. This presents a high risk to road and pedestrian safety, causes increased air and noise pollution and frequent damage to parking cars. The majority of traffic passing through here is not by residents but cars connecting between the East (A12 and beyond) and Mile End. Alex Schramm
7 Nov 22
Things I don't likeRubbish everywhere
ID 12726
One of my biggest bug bears of this area is the rubbish everywhere, bins overflowing and the carelessness.Claire Cousins
5 Oct 22
Things we need to work onMake use of disused rail line
ID 12725
Perhaps open to a green cycle track leading to Victoria park, convert to green space / exhibit local art and make cut through between Morville St & Fairfield (especially for those that don't want to go under Tom Thumb's Arch at night.Claire Cousins
5 Oct 22
Things I don't likeDerelict ugly park & paving
ID 12724
The unused park by Springwood close is surrounded with barbed wire and stinks when man hole emptied daily & not maintained so very uninviting. Needs to be developed and paving on this corner of Morville St needs replacing. Also dog poo everywhere, more trees planting would improve too.Claire Cousins
5 Oct 22
Things I don't likeAnti social behaviour
ID 12723
Groups of young men selling drugs, drinking alcohol, using drugs and making loud noises, shouting etc during the hours 8pm until lateAdam Pickrell
5 Oct 22
Things we need to work onWaste collection often missed & fly tipping
ID 12721
Waste collection is often missed on this street, junk is often disposed of improperly. Street cleaners don't ever pass this street so I need to do this myself at least weekly.Nicola Bleasby
4 Oct 22
Things I don't likeDangerous intersection
ID 12720
This is difficult to cross. Visibility down Tredeagar Rd obscured by park cars and cars approaching intersection on Coborn Rd (from Mile End Rd) are often travelling quite quickly.Nicola Bleasby
4 Oct 22
Things we need to work onLack of supermarkets
ID 12719
Very few decent supermarkets available between Mile End and Victoria park. One is forced to go to Whitechapel or Canary Wharf for weekly shopping. Fabio Casula
4 Oct 22
Things we need to work onFour Seasons Green & dog run
ID 12666
Nice park for people to take dogs and children but it needs a proper fence to block it off from the road, a refurbishment and the ground levelling as it’s very uneven with big holes, especially in the dog run.George Isherwood
16 Sep 22
Things we need to work onCreate a connection from Fairfield Rd/Polydamas Close to the park at the end of Malmesbury Road.
ID 10367
This would give pedestrians and hopefully cyclists a safe way to travel East<>West between Bow East and West without having to cycle/walk along the dangerous and heavily polluted Bow Rd or Tredegar Rd which are currently the only possible routes. This would provide much safer better access for the school and nursery age children who live in Bow East and go to school in Bow West (Malmesbury Primary School etc).Christoph Jankowski
4 Feb 22
Things I likeReal high street
ID 9354
Roman Road is not and never will be cosmetic. It is always a bit dirty and the shops are real shops that the diverse population enjoys. It wouldn’t be Roman Rd if it was full of delis or posh shops like Victoria park village. I like it how it is. It would be nice if there were less empty shops but as far as high streets go it’s pretty bustling at the weekend which I like. I do all my shopping locally if I can. The most noise was old buses before they were electric but now they are much quieter. Ruth Herbert
15 Oct 21
Things I don't likeDrugs here
ID 9353
I have seen dealing to people on motorbikes here in broad daylight on the school run.Ruth Herbert
15 Oct 21
Things I don't likeCars are frequently damaged here
ID 9352
Residents of Medway road report regular car damage and theft/ joyriding and their fear of going to the police to report on individuals due to previous retribution Ruth Herbert
15 Oct 21
Things I don't likeDrugs here
ID 9351
This side street I have seen drugs being dealt Ruth Herbert
15 Oct 21
Things I don't likeBuildings in state of disrepair
ID 8911
These 2 or 3 buildings on the corner are in a shocking state of disrepair and have become an eyesore. Weeds growing from the balcony, poor shop signage and general unkempt appearance should be discouraged. We're not asking for much, just basic maintenance. The shops under the green bridge are a model to be followed.Zaeem Maqsood
8 Jul 21
Things I don't likeSpeeding Traffic
ID 8910
This stretch of Grove Road is ostensibly a 20mph zone - or at least that's what the road markings indicate. Yet traffic regularly speeds along this stretch at far higher speeds. It's dangerous and very noisy. Please put speed cameras here or some other measure(s) to limit the speed. Thank youZaeem Maqsood
8 Jul 21
Things I don't likeDog mess everywhere
ID 8569
I love Bow, but the amount of dog mess that is just all over the streets is beyond belief, is there something that can be done. This is obviously not specific to this location on the mapTimothy Angelini
27 Apr 21
Things I don't likeLack of bin storage on Eden Way
ID 8568
This is quite a nice street but the lack of bin storage mean that wheelie bins are out 7 days a week.Matthew Dunlevy
27 Apr 21
Things I don't likeSpeeding
ID 8555
Could anything be done to slow down traffic here and to stop people using it to race along to the a12 - but not speed bumps! They are terrible for people with disabilities and their spinesTina Koch
23 Apr 21
Things I don't likeZebra crossing
ID 8554
Could we have a zebra crossing to safely get to the bus stop please?Tina Koch
23 Apr 21
Things I don't likeBike storage
ID 8553
Can we please have bike hangars like in hackney. Would like to cycle more, but so heavy to carry bike plus child seat up and down three flights of stairs every dayTina Koch
23 Apr 21
Things we need to work onpathway between Hewlett and Driffield often covered in tipped rubbish and dog dirt
ID 8552
Needs council to clean / maintain.Vicki Kerr
23 Apr 21
Things I don't likepedestrian crossing
ID 8551
needs more signpostingVicki Kerr
23 Apr 21
Things I don't likeSkew bridge
ID 8550
Cars go too fast, pavement is too narrow. it's a busy thoroughfare with kids to/from the park and really unsafe. does it take a fatality before it's changed? if the road cannot be closed, can a traffic light be installed to slow traffic down. they do not see the pedestrian crossing and often speed through it.Vicki Kerr
23 Apr 21
Things we need to work onBare concrete wall at end of flats on Viking Close
ID 8511
This looks uninspiring and unattractive from the street. Perhaps a mural or artwork of some kind could brighten and inspire?Holly McAlpine
16 Apr 21
Things I don't likePedestrian Only Zones
ID 8334
This is my views :- > Restrict these areas and you'll only see JUST locals. > Closures of many business/shops due to less footfall as very few customers will like to come to areas where there are restrictions to their entry/ > restrictions to parking/ > and other entry charges to area concerned. > shopkeepers will have to raise prices to make up losses and possibly moving their bussineses elsewhere. > The streets will start to become ghost towns. > The covid-19 side effecte are not going away anytime soon even with vaccines updated to all elegibles, it may be ongoing like flu jabs. > There will be side effects if new ULEZ soon in our areas. > Who wil Visit us here in Roman Road when they will have to pay £15 ULEZ, £5.50 boundry Charge, and possible £15 congestion charge to visit here??? for a day out here > Plus there is no easy parking, very high parking charge where available and as its residential only parking in most places they will have to find parking far away from shops. > Well local residents will agree with your plans but businesses do not run or cannot survive upon just local residents. They need footfall, volume of customers, mixture of various businesses i.e. choices to come and visit local shops. I end here, but think it over, if you want local area to remain competitive and survive. Thanks for reading my concerns. Mr Masod
21 Mar 21
Things I don't likeUnderused, wasted space
ID 7597
This feels like such a missed opportunity - it is a central location and has the potential to be used much more dynamically for the wider community. Can we inject some life into it, and encourage a "town centre" feel?Bill Budd
24 Jan 21
Things we need to work onMore green/trees please
ID 7596
Please can we have some more trees here?Bill Budd
24 Jan 21
Things I likeBike hangar
ID 7595
Thank you - nice new bike hangar!Bill Budd
24 Jan 21
Things we need to work onLyal Road trees - can we have some more?
ID 7594
Trees along the road are a bit sparse. They follow a regular rythm, but with one or two missing spots - especially near the junction with Viking Close/Stanfield Road. Can we have a few more? The road would really benefit from a bit more green!Bill Budd
24 Jan 21
Things I likeInteresting
ID 7002
The Poplar model of a community pub is a interesting and if if interest it be worth exploring to see the pro and cons
30 Mar 20
Things I likeBethnal Green East
ID 7000
The pub is actually in Bethnal Green and is aimed at the district but must stress the regulars are mainly from Globe Town rather than Bethnal Green and is also run by a local family from Globe Town to further add to the very uniqueness of the pub
30 Mar 20
Things we need to work onBethnal Green East
ID 6999
This street is in Bethnal Green offering views of Victoria Park and next to Vyner Street and behind Globe Town Waterloo Gardens estate.
30 Mar 20
Things I likeLondon Buddhist Centre
ID 6997
A major centre for Buddhists in the west and a local hub for the buddhist Globe Town community
30 Mar 20
Things I likeThe boundary
ID 6996
Bessy Street and Globe Terrace (until the pub) is a suitable boundary between Bethnal Green and Globe Town, and back behind the pub to the back of the Camel before the boundary returns to Globe Road. Including the remaining fragments of the original Globe Town within modern Globe Town, including the two pubs and the western buildings on Globe Road and the Buddhist centre are important to the history of the area.
30 Mar 20
Things we need to work onBethnal Green East
ID 6995
The burnham estate is apart of Bethnal Green not Globe Town
30 Mar 20
Things I likeThe globe
ID 6994
The globe is a wonderful gateway into Globe Town and important as a remainder people are entering/leaving the area
30 Mar 20
Things we need to work onBethnal Green East
ID 6991
Area is part of Bethnal Green
30 Mar 20
Things I likeThe boundary
ID 6990
Globe Road is suitable as the Bethnal Green/Globe Town boundary
30 Mar 20
Things I likeThe boundary
ID 6989
Russia Lane is more then suitable to be the Bethnal Green/Globe Town
30 Mar 20
Things we need to work onBethnal Green East
ID 6987
A small estate in Bethnal Green and is close to the old town hall and is largely devoid of anyone on most days
30 Mar 20
Things I likeStudio
ID 6986
A unique artist studio inside a less well known holdout in Bethnal Green and survived redevelopment when a industrial estate was built around it
30 Mar 20
Things we need to work onBethnal Green East
ID 6985
This estate is in Bethnal Green and retains an identity closer to it then Globe Town
30 Mar 20
Things we need to work onBethnal Green East
ID 6984
This estate is part of Bethnal Green and should not be included in any Globe Town neighbourhood forum as it is not part of that distinct
30 Mar 20
Things we need to work onBethnal Green East
ID 6983
100% Bethnal Green the estate is named after it and opposite the fire and police station of the same name
30 Mar 20
Things we need to work onBethnal Green East
ID 6982
This street is Bethnal Green and remains a historical part of it including the pub and galleries please do not consider us as part of Globe Town
30 Mar 20
Things we need to work onCycle Hangers
ID 6278
Need to add cycle hangers onto this residential street so that people have a secure place to store their bicycleIain Marshall
23 Nov 19
Things we need to work onCycle Hangers
ID 6277
Need to add in cycle hangers here for the people in the blocks of flats. Not everyone will have space or be able to carry a bicycle up multiple floors to store a bike in their flatIain Marshall
23 Nov 19
Things I don't likeNo need for through road
ID 6276
There is no need for this to be a through road, close it off to make the area more welcoming for the people who live thereIain Marshall
23 Nov 19
Things we need to work onAntill Road
ID 6275
Needs to have a cycling contra-flow to Antill Road to enable cyclists to use the street in both directionsIain Marshall
23 Nov 19
Things we need to work onIncrease amount of bicycle parking
ID 6124
There is only 5 stands for bicycle parking outside the Idea Store/library which serves the Tesco Metro as well as the market on Roman Road. This is regularly full up. Additional bicycle parking/stands are required Iain Marshall
25 Oct 19
Things I likeTfL Cycle Hire
ID 6123
Great that we have a TfL Cycle Hire point hereIain Marshall
21 Oct 19
Things I don't likeCar Park Prices
ID 6122
It is very very cheap to park in this car park which only encourages people to drive to the area to do their shopping.Iain Marshall
21 Oct 19
Things we need to work onAdd in secure bicycle parking
ID 6121
Adding in a secure bicycle parking hanger along here for residents who live in the blocks of flats.Iain Marshall
21 Oct 19
Things I don't likeRat run
ID 6120
Motor vehicles cut down Gernon Road from Grove Road to Roman Road & vice versa to avoid the traffic lights at Grove Road & Roman Road crossroads. Closing Gernon Road at one end (like on Morgan Street) would stop this & also make the surrounding block of flats etc a nicer environment. Closing the road at 1 end would add minimum extra time to people's journeys who live in the estate.Iain Marshall
21 Oct 19
Things I likeGood shop
ID 6081
Lucy Mayton
26 Sep 19
Things we need to work onDisused space
ID 6080
The disused space next to the gate could be reused for community purposes maybe ?? Lucy Mayton
26 Sep 19
Things I likeAccess
ID 6079
Great access in this small park and is vital to maintain links between north west Globe Town and the rest of globe town Lucy Mayton
26 Sep 19
Things we need to work onReopen Globe Fields
ID 6078
This disused land is owned by network rail and is known as globe fields and could be used as a community space or a small park Lucy Mayton
26 Sep 19
Things I likeBonner Gate
ID 6077
The gate and surrounding area is well looked after and kept clean and is also open 24 hours giving access to hackney Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things I likeNice road
ID 6076
This is a lovely small road with many treesLucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things we need to work onInclude
ID 6075
Include east vyner street in any globe town neighbourhood forum Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things I likeCranbrooke Garden Social Club
ID 6074
A great friendly social club in the community garden where you can have a coffee or drink a beer (but you have to bring the beer etc yourself however)Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things I likeGreat chinese
ID 6073
Suey Hong Chinese is a great takeaway Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things I likePortman Galley
ID 6072
A nice and surprising galley located within morpeth school Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things we need to work onBetter sign post
ID 6070
A better sign directing people to globe town market would be nice Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things we need to work onBetter sign post
ID 6071
A better sign directing people to globe town market would be nice Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things I likeOld Globe Town
ID 6069
The old globe town is the historic centre of globe town and is truly still alive even long after the centre shifted to morpeth street instead Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things I likeNice pub
ID 6068
The Florist Arms is truly the gem of old globe town worth a visit Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things we need to work onRename Climbing Wall
ID 6067
Rename Mile End climbing wall to bow climbing wall to better reflect area shifting Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things we need to work onGlobe Town diaspora
ID 6066
Giving the Globe Town diaspora more of a say in community matters and decisions they are part of the community even if they moved elsewhere in the borough Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things we need to work onIncluding
ID 6065
Include the estate in any globe town neighbourhood forum Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things we need to work onIncluding
ID 6064
Include the estate in any globe town neighbourhood forum Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things we need to work onIncluding
ID 6063
Include the approach road area in any globe town neighbourhood forum Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things we need to work onIncluding
ID 6062
Include the estate in any globe town neighbourhood forum Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things I don't likeLoss of pub
ID 6061
the carlton was illegally knocked down and needs to be rebuilt Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things we need to work onNew bus route
ID 6060
A bus route going south or west to better connect north globe town to bow and south globe town is needed as the 309 goes via bethnal green where their is always traffic Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things I don't likeIgnored
ID 6058
This estate seems to be ignored by the roman road trust the estate community is much more associated with globe town then Stepney even if it close to stepney green station Lucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things I likeGood lovely pub
ID 6057
The camel is a lovely pub in old globe town and does great pie and mashLucy Mayton
25 Sep 19
Things I don't likeBus stand
ID 5961
If the Borough wants to move traffic off local roads like Roman and Tredegar Rd, it needs to move the Bow Road bus stand which causes a daily bottleneck and traffic jams. The result? Drivers find short cuts.Douglas Thackway
10 Aug 19
Things I don't likeAwful park
ID 5926
The park is generally falling apart and looks awful.Luke Davidge
14 Jul 19
Things I likeNice garden
ID 5925
A lovely canalside garden exists in between the canal and road worth a visit!Luke Davidge
14 Jul 19
Things I likeThe Rabbit Hole
ID 5924
The rabbit hole is a bar it is within the victory pub and is a outdoor based and has been relaunched recently and is a gem of a reclaimed space. Luke Davidge
14 Jul 19
Things I likeBob the DJ
ID 5923
The victory is also host to it own resident dj called bob who plays various turns their nearly everyday. Luke Davidge
14 Jul 19
Things I likeVictory pub
ID 5922
The victory is a lovely pub with outdoor sitting in northern globe town near russia lane right on the traditional borderline between globe town and bethnal green Luke Davidge
14 Jul 19
Things I likeNice fish and chips shop
ID 5919
A nice proper fish and chip shop replaces the typical pfc usually seen Riya Wright
14 Jul 19
Things I likeLovely cafe
ID 5918
Starlights is a nice fairly priced cafe especially in the summer as you can sit outside Riya Wright
14 Jul 19
Things I likeCommunity Garden
ID 5917
The Cranbrook Community Food Garden is a lovely space that is well used by people of all ages and has become much more active in the community under lizzy mace Riya Wright
14 Jul 19
Things I likeGood community centre
ID 5916
The cranbrook estate community centre is a well used space for many functions and events and is under good management and run by a lovely lady called janet Riya Wright
14 Jul 19
Things I likeBeautiful old street
ID 5908
Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things I likeLovely alleyway
ID 5907
Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things I likePath
ID 5906
Good wide shared path for pedestrians and cyclists Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things we need to work onCranbrook Estate square
ID 5905
Public realm needed on cranbrook square new updated seating would be a welcome Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things I likeGlobe Town Social Club
ID 5903
A large pub run by locals behind market and it main customer base is aimed at people who are over 55 you must be a member to drink for free or pay 3 pounds Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things I don't likeCycle Hire
ID 5901
TFL need to change the cycle hire point from Mile End to Globe Town or Bow respectfully. Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things I don't likeCycle Hire
ID 5900
TFL need to change the cycle hire point from Bethnal Green to Globe Town. Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things I don't likeCycle Hire
ID 5899
TFL need to change the cycle hire point from Bethnal Green to Globe Town. Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things I don't likeCycle Hire
ID 5898
TFL need to change the cycle hire point from Bethnal Green to Globe Town. Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things I don't like309 & D3 blinds issue
ID 5897
TfL should change the blinds on the D3 and 309 to Globe Town Bonner Road to reflect the actual locale and not confused passengers or upset local residents! Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things we need to work onTurning disused retail space into a pub
ID 5896
The disused retail next to Bamboo & Bee seems to have no purpose and no one is really interested in renting it out. With it being occupied a rare site to be seen. A similar situation existed with a retail unit in Poplar and this was turned into community pub called the Tommy Flower. Perhaps something like that could be developed here? Jess Narford
11 Jul 19
Things I don't likeMore Market Stalls
ID 5895
The market needs to have more market stalls to encourage more people to visit.Jess Narford
11 Jul 19
Things I likeSutton Wharf
ID 5894
Sutton Wharf is an amazing redevelopment of a large disused industrial area next to the canal! Jess Narford
11 Jul 19
Things I don't likeRename Roman Road back to Green Street
ID 5893
Rename Roman Road between Bethnal Green and Grove Road back to Green Street to avoid confusion with Bow high street and make Globe Town stand out from Bow. This would improve the identity of Globe Town and aid in the regeneration. Restore Globe Town identity and history.Jess Narford
11 Jul 19
Things I likeCrossing
ID 5892
The recent installed crossing is doing wonders for access to and from Victoria Park! Jess Narford
11 Jul 19
Things I likeBest Pub in Globe Town
ID 5891
The Approach Tavern must be the best pub in the area and is on a victorian street and is near Bethnal Green district and victoria parkJess Narford
11 Jul 19
Things I likeMeath Gardens Playground
ID 5890
This playground in Meath Gardens is very good and well used. Even in the winter. Jess Narford
11 Jul 19
Things I likeFootbridge
ID 5881
Wonderful footbridge over the regent canal between bow and globe town Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things I don't likeImprove square
ID 5877
This part of upper globe town could be updated and look more modern by having the square being more greener and sitting options Luke Davidge
11 Jul 19
Things I don't liketraffoc, traffic, traffic wreks this road
ID 5582
it puts me off walking to the doctorsROBERT HUGHES
26 Apr 19
Things I don't liketraffic, often speeding
ID 5581
most of this through traffic adds nothing to the area except pollution and danger. we need traffic calming to stop this being a rat run to the A12ROBERT HUGHES
26 Apr 19
Things we need to work onloss of coffee shop
ID 5493
expensive furniture is nice, but what this area needs is somewhere nice to sit and have coffee/eat by the parkSimon Levey
6 Apr 19
Things I don't likethis bridge!
ID 5492
narrow approach and drivers always speeding in both directions. scary to drive and cycle along. Simon Levey
6 Apr 19
Things I don't likethis map!
ID 5491
resets every time i like or dislike a comment, or add a new one..!! grrSimon Levey
6 Apr 19
Things I don't likethis junction!
ID 5490
red estate car parked badly blocking view (never moves) and cars speeding in and out of junction. drivers regularly turn the illegal way (right from end of tredegar road) without consequence.Simon Levey
6 Apr 19
Things I don't liketerrible road surface
ID 5489
dangerous and unsigntlySimon Levey
6 Apr 19
Things I don't likeCars speeding
ID 5488
Dangerous, noisy, and scary to people crossing roads, pedestrians and cyclistsSimon Levey
6 Apr 19
Things I don't likeCar park
ID 5128
This is completely underutilised space, it's hardly ever full - can you make it a green or have farmer's markets on it or somethingGareth Newman
11 Mar 19
Things I don't likeCongestion and noise
ID 5127
I live on this road and it's a rat run. It's narrow which also results in jams and incidents of road rage as people get stuckGareth Newman
11 Mar 19
Things I likePalm Tree pub
ID 5121
cosy and lovely old school local institutionLinda Savini
8 Mar 19
Things I don't likeEstate agents
ID 5120
Where's the Chersterfield cafe gone? such a disappointmentLinda Savini
8 Mar 19
Things I likeAnytime Fitness gym
ID 5119
Great environment, super cool staffLinda Savini
8 Mar 19
Things we need to work onGeorge Davies
ID 4041
Resuurect the George Davies is Innocent wall graffiti. East End historyLee Sargent
23 Aug 18
Things we need to work onDirty Bridge
ID 4040
Could be better. Welcome to Bow or something.Lee Sargent
23 Aug 18
Things I don't likeAnti Social Behaviour
ID 4039
Often people hanging about outside shops. Probably harmless but to the uninitated could look intimidating.Lee Sargent
23 Aug 18
Things we need to work onInteresting Street
ID 4038
A bit unloved. Could be better.Lee Sargent
23 Aug 18
Things I likeSchool
ID 4037
a lovely old school down a reasonablly well kept street. Lee Sargent
23 Aug 18
Things I don't likeBins
ID 4036
Bins are closed up for some reason?Lee Sargent
23 Aug 18
Things I likeSikh Temple
ID 4035
An interesting building. Not very well signposted.Lee Sargent
23 Aug 18
Things I don't likeRear of shops
ID 4034
Untidy and poor maintenance and hygiene. Bins often left overlfowing etc. Take away has food waste on open display.Lee Sargent
23 Aug 18
Things I don't likesmall waste ground near large block of flats
ID 4033
Uninspiring. Poorly maintained. Used for dogs to defecate and often not cleared up. Lee Sargent
23 Aug 18
Things we need to work onCoborn Road Station
ID 4027
Old entrance to station is chained up with a padlock. Massive build up of rubbish beheind that door. Understand access restricted due to closeness of tracks but entrance could be highlighted as part of heritage, and door strengthed or replaced. Whats behind the door - who knows but is a big space and I think some people create anti social behaviour there due to rubbish, beer cans etc one can see through the doorway. Safety issues as well as so close to tracks.Lee Sargent
8 Aug 18
Things I don't likeCorner Space
ID 4026
Often used for dumping of rubbish. Council says Old Ford (Clarion) manage it but they do little to upkeep it and a worker told me its council responsibility. Someone needs to upkeep it and not wash hands of it.Lee Sargent
8 Aug 18
Things I don't likeLitter problem
ID 4025
Constant litter on corner of Antill Road/Coborn Road. Worse on bin collection day.Lee Sargent
8 Aug 18
Things we need to work onPlay area
ID 4024
Underused and neglected basketball court kids play area. Could be a better facility or tunred into something people will use. Maybe owned and run by Old Ford Housing (now Clarion??)Lee Sargent
8 Aug 18
Things I don't likeCherrywood Close Square
ID 4023
Needs more dog waste bins as a couple of waste bins present but not really suitable for dog walkers. There is one but it is sealed up. Its on land owned by the Old Ford Housing Group so maybe not TH property.Lee Sargent
8 Aug 18
Things I don't likeSelywyn Green
ID 4022
A nice little green but needs tlc. Needs more facilities for dog walkers (ie dog waste bins) plus upgrade of existing bins as often hanging open and overflowing. Grass and shrubery is also bit tired as well. Could have a dog free bit as well that could encourage more people to use the park with small children or picnics as grass is often fouled. Would need more park visit from TH to keep nice.Lee Sargent
8 Aug 18
Things I don't likeFairfield Road Expensive House Prices
ID 3787
The area generally is affected by very high house prices to buy and rent.Sarah Bland
25 Jun 18
Things we need to work onPlant more trees to reduce air and noise pollution
ID 3785
The road is highly polluted, this can be significantly reduced by planting more trees to absorb the pollution. Sarah Bland
25 Jun 18
Things I don't likePollution on Fairfield Road scores 5 out of 6
ID 3784
BBC Pollution hotspot tracker "This is higher than the average for Tower Hamlets, which is 4 out of 6 (lightly polluted). A rating of 5 means there is a very strong chance of nitrogen dioxide levels exceeding the annual legal limit. These areas occupy just 1 in 635 GB postcodes, mostly in city centres or immediately near to motorways. Residents should monitor air quality forecasts and manage exposure appropriately. However, it is still healthier to be outside exercising in these areas than it is to be inside avoiding pollution." Sarah Bland
25 Jun 18
Things we need to work onBusiness Centre
ID 3781
Landmark building that could be significantly improved and opened up for community functions.Sarah Bland
25 Jun 18
Things I don't likeDiesel trains parked over night
ID 3780
Trains are often left parked with the engines turned on. This is particularly on a Sunday evening and into the night. This causes a considerable amount of noise and increases pollution directly adjacent to a residential area.Sarah Bland
25 Jun 18
Things I don't likeRail bridge and underpass
ID 3579
Dark and dirty route under the bridge. Overflowing bins, rubbish tipping and graffiti. Great opportunity for painting the bridge, perhaps supergraphic of the street name as has been applied in Brixton / Camden Road. Work required to light the underpass, to make a positive feature rather than an intimidating space. Good examples of lighting schemes around London Bridge and Vauxhall could be used as precedent. Un-overlooked underpass not a good location for bins. Nicola Ibbotson
3 May 18
Things I don't likeInadequate Visitor Cycle Parking
ID 3550
There is inadequate visitor cycle parking along Roman Road. Adding additional Sheffield stands would encourage sustainable transport. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things I likeSelwyn Green
ID 3549
Selwyn Green is a brilliant piece of green space in this little area, though it could be enhanced even further to encourage its use more. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things I don't likeOne Way System - including for cyclists
ID 3548
The one way system is fine, but connectivity should have been retained in both directions for cyclists. Any future changes in the area should retain cyclist travel in both directions to encourage sustainable travel choices. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things I don't likeFront Garden Boundary Alterations
ID 3547
Throughout the area, despite the Conservation Area status, many homes have altered their front boundary treatment, not only affecting the uniformity of the repeated house typology, but also using materials, such as red brick walls, or crazing paving, and other floor treatments, that are completely at odds and out of keeping with the conservation area. Strong enforcement should be in place to prevent this. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things we need to work onDead Frontages
ID 3546
The garages, blank flank walls, and high hedges in this location along both sides, lead to a large stretch of dead frontage as you enter this street. This could benefit from enhancements to improve the pedestrian experience. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things we need to work onPedestrian Route under Railway Arch
ID 3545
The pedestrian route under the railway arch could benefit from a mural or lighting installation to improve the pedestrian experience along this short stretch. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things we need to work onRoad layout at end of Morgan Street
ID 3544
The dead end for cars at the end of Morgan Street is really good, however installation of small drop kerbs to encourage and enable easy cyclist connectivity would improve this junction. (Albeit it is acknowledged that this can sometimes encourage motorcyclists to cut through)Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things I don't likeFast Food Takeaways
ID 3543
The excess of Fast Food Takeaways around the station is incredibly negative for numerous reasons. The proximity of these vendors to the station encourages unhealthy patterns of eating. However, the shops also have other negative impacts such as constant smells from extractors onto the main road, but also litter around these shops. Further fast food takeaways in this area should be discouraged. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things I don't likePavement width adjacent to Grove Road (Stop H)
ID 3542
The width of the pavement adjacent to the bus stop on the eastern side of Grove Road here is far too narrow, when there are many passengers waiting. This section of road in general would benefit from 'de-cluttering' as there are successive street lights, trees and tree pits, bus stops and signs, litter bins, bollards etc. all taking up space, which could be rationalised. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things I likeInfill Development at Hitchin Square
ID 3541
The infill housing development in this location is high quality and the public realm improvements that have been delivered alongside are positive, particularly given the close proximity to Roman Road. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things I don't likePedestrian and Cyclist Bridge
ID 3540
This pedestrian and cycle crossing over the A12 attempts to improve connectivity over the hostile A12. Whilst the concept of a bridge itself is helpful, the actual reality is that the design of this bridge discourages movement over this section at night, because of safety concerns. Development directly adjacent to either end would help to improve the perception of safety for those moving across the bridge at night.Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things I don't likeUnsafe and Hostile Junction
ID 3539
This junction is particularly hostile and unsafe for pedestrians. The A12 presents a significant barrier for pedestrian and cyclist movement, not only to the green space of the Olympic Park and all of its health and leisure facilities, but also to a significant area of employment within close proximity in Stratford Town Centre, but the current access discourages patterns of sustainable travel. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things I don't likeMcDonalds
ID 3538
The Mcdonalds on the corner of Bow Roundabout is a poor quality building. The form and scale of the building is out of keeping with the context, and the excessive hard standing and car parking around this low rise, inefficient use of space also detracts from the quality of the public realm around this roundabout, which is already a particularly hard and hostile environment for pedestrians and cyclists despite the upgrades. This site could benefit from redevelopment, subject to a sensitive and sympathetic design with a strong emphasis on improving the public realm. Natalya Palit
23 Apr 18
Things we need to work onSign needs replacing/updating
ID 3529
The sign has been out of action for at least a yearA Smith
17 Apr 18
Things we need to work onNeed more diversity to the market
ID 3528
The low quality, low cost clothes looks terrible and the stall owners often fight between each other. On many occasions racially abusive language has been heard. It would be good to limit the number of clothes stalls and bring in more diversity ie florist, arts and crafts, pottery, food, drinks etcA Smith
17 Apr 18
Things I likeGluten Free Bakery
ID 3527
A really wonderful gluten free bakery when the market is on!A Smith
17 Apr 18
Things I don't likeLoitering
ID 3526
Large groups of males (mixed ages) hang out side the 'Sweet Treats' sweet shop - they can often fight and shout at each other until the very early hours of the morning.A Smith
17 Apr 18
Things I don't likeSpeeding cars
ID 3525
Cars speed through at all hours - there should be speed bumps/cameras/restrictionsA Smith
17 Apr 18
Things we need to work onMarket stalls setting up at 05:45 - 06:30am
ID 3524
On market days the metal market stalls can be heard (very loudly) even when the windows are shut. Set up can often be before 6am which is incredibly unsociable for those with families. The people who set up the market often shout very loudly (including bad language). Perhaps a later start for the metal stalls being pushed out or using rubber matting on the floor or different market stalls used? A Smith
17 Apr 18
Things I don't likeNo more estate agents please
ID 3519
Sad to see the lovely Chesterfield close and be replaced by yet another estate agent. We have so many on Roman Road already.Alicia Miller
9 Apr 18
Things we need to work onFrequent rubbish on road
ID 3518
Not every house along here has a front 'garden' with room to store an outdoor bin, but when unprotected rubbish bags get left out on the street overnight foxes tear them apart, often creating a massive, yucky mess. Is there any solution here that will also work for the homeowners?Alicia Miller
9 Apr 18
Things I likeYe Olde Corner Shoppe
ID 3517
Great little local shop. Would love to see this retail space protected so that it doesn't one day get converted into flats!Alicia Miller
9 Apr 18
Things I don't likespeeding cars
ID 3515
Illegal right turns from Antill Rd to Lyal Rdjane Preston
8 Apr 18
ID 3514
Local dog walkers let their dogs poop on the pavement and don't pick it up. Others put the poop in a bag and then drop it on the street rather than in the bin.S HAQUE
8 Apr 18
Things I don't likeLitter andno entertainment
ID 3513
The amount of litter in the area gives people no pride in their community and encourages more litter. It looks terrible. Also there are no shops in the areas, no cafes, no independents, nothing. It makes it very boring and less of a community. Suzy Urch
8 Apr 18
Things I don't likeGated community
ID 3508
Bad for cohesion Daniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things I don't likePollution
ID 3507
Very bussy roadDaniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things I don't likeLittering
ID 3506
Lots of littering and vandalismDaniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things I likeLovely park
ID 3505
Daniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things we need to work onHomeless
ID 3504
Need to address the growing poverty with increasing number of homeless in Bow RdDaniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things I likeAmazing buildings
ID 3503
Old Town hallDaniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things I don't likeRoad
ID 3502
The road needs to be resurfaced Daniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things I likeLocal Community
ID 3501
Strong local communityDaniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things I don't likeDirty
ID 3500
Incessantly dirty areaDaniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things I don't likeLoss of pubs
ID 3499
Loss of pubs in the area mainly transformed into flatsDaniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things we need to work onRailway
ID 3498
All railway can be transformed into something else, like the Highline in New YorkDaniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things we need to work onNeed for Primary School
ID 3497
It has been promised by the LBTH, but so far nothing have changedDaniella Ricci
2 Apr 18
Things I don't likeThe boundary
ID 2869
I agree with other comments that the boundary of this is divisive. Does nothing on the South side of the road matter to Bow? this seems rather short sighted.Nicholas Caulkett
20 Feb 18
Things we need to work onTutelage Court - cut off from Community
ID 2809
This redevelopment, being gated, is cut off from the rest of the community. Consequently, this does not help community cohesion.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeTree roots lifting pavements
ID 2808
Lichfield road has a large number of trees and narrow pavements. As the trees grow the paving is lifting and causing significant trip hazards.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeBus turn-around full and in need of TLC
ID 2807
Since the 25 bus route was revised this turn around is now full of buses that don't even work this street. This reaches the point that buses such as the 323, D6, D7, 277, 339 don't have room to pull in. Brick paving needs relaying in places.John White
16 Feb 18
Things we need to work onProposed Speed Humps - need more here
ID 2806
The number of speed humps proposed here is not enough. One or two more are needed.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeLack of good-quality sheltered housing
ID 2805
There is a lack of good quality sheltered housing, so that older people can move and release family housing.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeCycle Route - hardly ever swept
ID 2804
The CS2 route is hardly ever swept and is awash with litter and dust most of the timeJohn White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeConstant piles of Litter and Shop Refuse
ID 2803
The piles of rubbish from the shops here are excessive and near constant. Surely a better solution can be found. Underground bins? Compactor bins?John White
16 Feb 18
Things we need to work onWorry of over-development
ID 2802
There is much local concern that buildings such as Onyx House, the Territorial Army building and the Gateway Housing site will be redeveloped as some high-rise, high-profit developments. Keep it low-rise.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I likePrevalence of low-rise buildings here is a defining feature
ID 2801
One aspect of the MEOTRA area that makes it so special is the predominance of low-rise housing. This must be preserved.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeSplitting of houses / Short term-lets
ID 2800
In the pursuit of profit, there is a growth in short-term lets, multiple occupancy and dividing of family homes into smaller flats. This leads to a rapid turnover of residents and consequently a reduction in community cohesion and neighbourliness.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeVehicles parking up and leaving engines running
ID 2799
TfL workers and Gateway Housing vehicles habitually park up in Rhonnda and Aberavon Roads. They often leave their engines running. TfL workers come and go at all hours (as they work nights on engineering works). Can't they use the tube?John White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeMile End Junction
ID 2798
What a mess this is. The no right turns cause a major issue and lead to traffic crossing the junction twice to effect a right turn. This leads to extra traffic, noise and pollution and does not increase the safety of cyclists for whom the LEFT turns are the concern.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I likeMile End Park
ID 2797
This green space is one of the main positives of living in the areaJohn White
16 Feb 18
Things I likeRusty Bike - Great addition
ID 2796
This place is ideally located next to the station and does excellent Thai food.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeRat Running
ID 2795
When traffic on the A11 backs up cars use residential streets such as Aberavon, Morgan, Lichfield to avoid hold ups.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeAirport Buses
ID 2794
Since the CS2U upgrade National Express, Terravision, Easybus and others use Grove Road/Roman Road instead of going along Whitechapel Road. This causes extra traffic, pollution and noise.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I likeVinarious
ID 2793
Welcome addition to the area for vinarious reasonsJohn White
16 Feb 18
Things we need to work onBookshop or cinema would be a welcome addition
ID 2792
A bookshop or cinema would be nice in the areaJohn White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeGrove Road road surface is appalling
ID 2791
This is well overdue for a resurface. Burdett Road was redone a couple of years ago and the difference is remarkable. A quiet, semi-porous tarmac nouveau should be used.John White
16 Feb 18
Things we need to work onVegetable Garden - Is it ever used?
ID 2790
This patch of land has potential. It is set up as a space for older folk to get together and grow veg, but is it ever actually used?John White
16 Feb 18
Things we need to work onASB from youths on hippy crack and speeding in cars
ID 2789
John White
16 Feb 18
Things we need to work onThe Art Pavilion
ID 2788
This is a great space and has great potential as an Art s venue. Whilst there are a number of good exhibitions on each year, the place could be better utilised as a community space.John White
16 Feb 18
Things we need to work onOnyx House: Underutilised inspiring building in a prime location.
ID 2787
This building was designed by the renowned architectural firm CZWG and is a landmark building that has been allowed to remain empty for a number of years.John White
16 Feb 18
Things I don't likeCars Speeding
ID 2776
The amount of cars that use this road as a cut through, who regularly speed and there have been several crashes. It is used by several pedestrians who have come through from Tom Thumb's Arch and it could benefit from speed bumps.Emma Marriott
13 Feb 18
Things we need to work onWalkway to Tom Thumbs Arch
ID 2775
Used regularly by commuters from Bow Road, this road is poorly lit and has limited CCTV. There have been thefts during the middle of the day despite the police station being located on the same street!Emma Marriott
13 Feb 18
Things I don't likeNumber 25 buses parked up - blocking stops
ID 2774
The number 25 bus parks up in Grove Road regularly. It isn't even on the route. They frequently park up at bus stops in 2s and 3s and it means those waiting at the stops are often not seen by approaching drivesJohn White
12 Feb 18
Things I likeParade of shops has improved over last few years
ID 2773
The Pizza Room, Coffee Room and Greedy Cow are welcome additions to this small parade of shops. The kebab shop is well used by policemen and cabbies which is a seal of approval.John White
12 Feb 18
Things I don't likeNot enough Trees in Grove Road
ID 2772
Grove Road is remarkable for having so few trees, which is ironic given its name. More trees would help fight pollution, provide shade, reduce traffic noise and add to the general well-being of the local populationJohn White
12 Feb 18
Things we need to work onHoly Trinity Church - Cemetery needs "greening"
ID 2759
The graveyard area surrounding the former Holy Trinity Church could be a wonderful wildlife zone which would enliven the day of those walking past along either Lichfield Road or Morgan St. It is an under-utilised space.John White
11 Feb 18
Things I don't likeArt Pavilion Lake - needs some TLC
ID 2758
This pond is in need of some TLC. It has leaked for several years and the yellow hose topping it up with tap water is almost a permanent fixture. The aquatic plants need thinning out as they contribute to the problems of maintaining water levels.John White
11 Feb 18
Things I don't likeMile End Tube - Step-free Access
ID 2756
This station really needs step-free access. It should be fairly simple to do as the site is not highly developed and the platforms are shallow.John White
11 Feb 18
Things I don't likeSubway Take Away - Litter
ID 2755
This shop causes an enormous amount of litter in the neighbouring streets, The owners should follow the McDonalds model and litter pick the area around their shopJohn White
11 Feb 18
Things I don't likeLack of supermarket
ID 2737
This part of bow road needs more shopsdavid burbidge
27 Jan 18
Things I likeTrees
ID 2733
Protect and Renew TreesDaniella Ricci
23 Jan 18
Things I likeCafes + Restaurants
ID 2732
Nice range of cafes and restaurantsDaniella Ricci
23 Jan 18
Things we need to work onEcology Pavillion
ID 2731
underusedDaniella Ricci
23 Jan 18
Things I likeEnlivening Pub
ID 2730
Lord TredegarDaniella Ricci
23 Jan 18
Things I don't likePlanning application for TEXACO GARAGE
ID 2729
To be replaced by flats- TOO HIGHDaniella Ricci
23 Jan 18
Things I likeCanal and Mile End Park
ID 2728
Lovely walk and wildlifeDaniella Ricci
23 Jan 18
Things I likeSt Stephen's Green
ID 2727
Protecting current and more green spaces. Planting vegetables, pitch trees, fruit trees. Healthy causeDaniella Ricci
23 Jan 18
Things we need to work onRe-planting trees
ID 2726
Some trees they've cut. Would be great to have new trees thenDaniella Ricci
23 Jan 18
Things we need to work onCreate new green space
ID 2725
Un-used location at Butley Court, backyardDaniella Ricci
23 Jan 18
Things I likeThe Orchard
ID 2724
Great to have some tree planting here, and gathering to garden togetherDaniella Ricci
23 Jan 18
Things I don't likeThe boundary of this neighbourhood plan
ID 2435
Other I only found out about this scheme yesterday and although generally I'm all for community initiatives (well, not including lynchings) this one seems ill thought-through. As someone who loves Bow and lives at it's heart - yet outside this regeneration zone - I can foresee that the project risks introducing further polarisation. Bow Road's intense traffic already splits the poorest from the wealthiest enclaves. Why add to the fracturing of our community in this way? There are massive opportunities (St Clement's, the redevelopment of the banks of the Lea, re-establishment of Bromley-by-Bow High St) to begin joining the shattered bits of Bow up. This scheme moves the centre of Bow half a mile North.User
15 Dec 17
Things I like
ID 2436
Welcoming I Love Roman Road market, there is a great atmosphere and you can pick up excellent bargains. I do not want the market to change and become gentrified and expensive. We can go to Broadway Market or Chatsworth Road for that. I feel passionately that the market keeps it identity and doesn't lose it charm, character and value for money.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't like
ID 2437
Uninspiring,Neglected Business Centre Facade in Disrepair. Good Businesses inside though.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeTraffic Crossing
ID 2438
Other Although the pavement is lowered and there is a pavement for pedestrians there are no signals. This is very dangerous, please can a green man be added.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeHitchin Square bins
ID 2439
Neglected,Unwelcoming The bin area for the Hitchin Square flats on Hewlett Road is very unsightly. The bins are over-flowing most days and there is astonishingly ugly anti-climb measures in place that make the area look like a privately-run prison.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeEcopark
ID 2440
Well maintained I love the Evo park and generally it's kept in good condition. A few youths spoil the area throwing litter etc, but it gives them somewhere nice to go- which perhaps prevents further anti social behaviour. User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeBeau bells
ID 2441
Neglected Beau bells has been shut for quite a while. Would be great to get a small business to take its place, another occupier with a community focus like Muxima would be greatUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likePlayground
ID 2442
Unwelcoming I live just round the corner from this playground but prefer to take my two year old to the playgrounds in Victoria Park. There are often older kids hanging out and climbing on the kids equipment. They are very loud and shouty and my little one is scared of them. I find it uncomfortable and struggle to create a nice playing atmosphere. But I recon they are there because there is nowhere else for them to hang out. So where can they go? User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onGeneral Point
ID 2443
I have a general comment: in the list of ideas you mentioned, one was placing restrictions on fast food restaurants (and bookies). One of the best things about Bow is the diversity of the neighbourhood; there is a wide breadth of incomes across different members of our society and I don't believe it is fair for those of us with higher incomes to push out food options or shops that cater for those who are not as fortunate as us, even if we think that such places don't provide wholesome food. I think it is really important that Roman Road continues to have diverse shops and food options that reflect the tastes (and incomes) of the whole community, rather than those of middle-class people like me (much as I'm thrilled by the arrival of a deli, etc). This is a risk, especially when those of us who become active in planning decisions are predominantly middle class. I would be very interested to hear what areas or roads elsewhere in London the Trust sees as positive analogues for where the Roman Road should be going. I personally do not think that Victoria Park Village should be a model for the Roman Road, in respect to the diversity of the shops and restaurants, as they are nearly all catering for a high-income clientele. Thanks for doing this, and keep up the good work.User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onYard MArket
ID 2444
Inspiring Needs to exist harmounously with the RoRd maket. Move to Sunday?User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeGraffiti
ID 2445
Neglected,Uninspiring Graffiti is a major problem in the area in general. Not enough done to prevent it, and once there it never gets cleaned. Along this road there is tagging/graffiti on the beautiful 'old stock' wall that runs along the pavement. Graffiti is also present on the side wall of the "Lord Morpeth" path. Graffiti give the area a run down look and just attracts antisocial behaviour.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeMore trees and greenery
ID 2446
Uninspiring,Unwelcoming,Boring The road needs more greenery. It should have Cherry trees just like the lower Roman Road. Greenery needed.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeOverland Childrens Centre
ID 2447
Welcoming The One O'Clock Club run by Overland in Victoria Park fosters a strong sense of community among families in E3User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeGreat to see new cafes opening
ID 2448
Enlivening User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRoad surface poor quality - especially for cyclists
ID 2449
Neglected User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRubbish outside tesco
ID 2450
Neglected,Low Quality The bins outside Tesco are neither big enough or emptied enough and there often rubbish around. Often this is bags and receipts from Tesco and they should take responsibility User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeThe car park should be free for people or low cost and free during the weekend. This is now a waste of space. It was well used and now not used due to the charges. AS a consequence the parking on cado
ID 2451
Neglected Please include Cadogan Terrace inside your neighbourhood forum boundaryUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeCaxton Hall Community Centre
ID 2452
Not sure who runs this space but I think it has a youth club and can be used for community eventsUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeBow Arts Trust
ID 2453
Inspiring,Enlivening,High Quality This trust provides studio space for all types of artists and designers. The education dept places artists into local schools to support teachers and run projects. The open studios happen in June every year. In 2016 it starts on Friday 17 June and is a fantastic event!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likethis junction is not safe for cyclists and pedestrians
ID 2454
Other User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeAccess to A12
ID 2455
Neglected,Other,Unwelcoming Too many vehicles accessing the area from the A12 with constant congestion and traffic at most times of the day.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeHalf Chisenhale derelict?
ID 2456
Always wondered about this - what's the cause, can the community help?User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeShops on Roman Road
ID 2457
Low Quality,Neglected Most are either betting shops or fried chicken shops. All the store fronts look a bit neglected & could do with a facelift.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeBrazilian Hairdresser
ID 2458
Welcoming,High Quality,High Quality Great Brazilian Hairdresser. Very beautifully maintained shop. User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeGreen
ID 2459
Lovely little space but weird playground equipment here. Remove or put something small like swings or a little slide there. User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeempty shops
ID 2460
Neglected there are many empty shops along this section of Roman Road. Can't landords be forced to let them? Are they sitting on them so they can sell them as residential. How about some council led pop-up shops to fill the space while they wait for tenants?User
15 Dec 17
Things I like
ID 2461
Neglected Some greenery would be really lovely. This part of Roman road feels neglectedUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeBicycle storage
ID 2462
Other 3rd bike stolen. Could we please have these bike safe boxes that they have in Hackney? That would be brilliant and save backbreaking carrying of bike plus child plus child seat up to the third floor. User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeCafes, restaurants and shops
ID 2463
Inspiring,Welcoming I believe there potential for Roman Road to be an attractive destination for tourists. I believe the website should be used more actively for this purpose - practical steps should include (1) make sure new cafes/restaurants are aware of opportunities to use the website (2) to add content specifically for visitors (e.g. develop a guided walk around the area / include local art gallery listings / reviews) (3) optimise web-search terms so, for instance, if a tourist searches for 'East London' from their hotel in Victoria, the roman road website is listed to them. User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeArber and Co old shop
ID 2464
Other Thos shop closed down in part because fo the no loading rules. Ironic that you use the shope fron t on your flyer.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeGraffiti and no CCTV
ID 2465
Neglected,Unwelcoming,Other This section of the canal and the three colts bridge has no CCTV and attracts a lot of graffiti and antisocial behaviour at night. This bridge provides and entrance and exit to the canal and is often used by mopeds despite the fact that the canal pathway is pedestrianised. Mopeds run along the canal path during the evening and this provides a safe escapade for delinquents. CCTV, security and surveillance are needed here!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeNeglected
ID 2466
Neglected,Unwelcoming This green area is unwelcoming and completely neglected.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeThe Three Colts Bridge
ID 2467
Neglected,Enlivening,Other The Three Colts Bridge is a historic and beautiful bridge that has fell in disrepair. The Bridge has been damaged by the illegal installation of fences and covered in graffiti. This is one of the most scenic points along the Hertford Union Canal, as well as a key entrance to Victoria Park. It links the Park with the Old Ford and it is completely neglected and run down. This Bridge should be restored and cleaned.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeEden Way
ID 2468
Welcoming I love the pretty oversized iris on pedestrianised Eden Way. There are other flowers dotted around Bow but this is a favourite. More please!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeFly tipping site at Sabella Court
ID 2469
Neglected User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onThere is a wide pavement under the bridge. - could it be used for cycle storage
ID 2470
Could we get a cyclehangar or two under the bridge?User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRoman Road
ID 2471
Low Quality,Uninspiring,Neglected User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeVictoria Park Festivals
ID 2472
Neglected,Other,Unwelcoming Vicky Park has been absolutely ruined by the 1st festival of the summer and there are still 2 festivals to go. Festivals make a lot of money for the council (I understand £100,000 per festival), which no doubt is needed but aren't there better, less antisocial way of raising funds than putting up gigantic walls, making it inaccessible for the local community and quite frankly trampling it to the point of ruin, spoiling it for those of us who live here? The size of these festivals get bigger each year! Let's remind ourselves that Victoria park was given to the people of East London to improve their health and wellbeing. I feel the council have gone too far and need to rethink how to rebalance things for all purposes.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likePub
ID 2473
Welcoming,Enlivening The Coburn PubUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeThis entrance to the park is very neglected:
ID 2474
Neglected,Uninspiring,Other road surface needs redoing remove the barrier and replace by a bollard empty the bins more regularly clean up mud User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeno space for cycling when victoria park is closed in winter
ID 2475
Unwelcoming,Neglected User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeLoud, speeding cars and motorbikes, especially at night
ID 2476
I've had to use ear plugs for four years since moving here due to the constant 'boy-racer' behaviour on the straight 'Roman Road'. Really simple to fix, put a couple of speed cameras in please. User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeI think St Stephens road should be made one way the size of the lorries and buses coming down this road is diabolical . There's arguments and hold ups on a daily basis . The road is not wide enough so
ID 2477
Neglected I've lived here 30 years and it's getting worse . User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeEmpty Units
ID 2478
Restaurant would be good no fried food.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeplayground
ID 2479
The playground had something else on it but it broke? and was removed. It now just leaves one side. a tower and then a few bouncy things. Perhaps put some swings in it? User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeMarket
ID 2480
Low Quality,Uninspiring,Boring,Neglected,Unwelcoming The market is full of tat. Very uninspiring. Fresh produce and craft stalls, vintage stalls etc would make all the difference. User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeThe amount of cafes/coffee shops,artisan shops etc that have replaced the shops in the area we need some ordinary shops butchers,bakers etc. not artisan =expensive.
ID 2481
Boring,Uninspiring Having lived in the East End all my life and in my current property for the past 40 years - the forced change/gentrification has ripped the heart and soul out of the place. Cannot wait for the instigators of this to up sticks and move on.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeCafe
ID 2482
Inspiring Muxima. What an utterly brilliant friendly and welcoming place for the community!!!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeWaste food is sometimes dumped here
ID 2483
Other UnpleasantUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onShops on the Roman
ID 2484
Welcoming,Low Quality,Inspiring,Uninspiring No more fried food outlets.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeOld Ford Road
ID 2485
Low Quality Dangerous road for syclists and the main way I cycle to Victorai Park with my children.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeDerelict, unkempt
ID 2486
This section of the road has been boarded up, has been covered in graffiti and there are a number of what looks like unoccupied warehouses. This section needs to be looked at and the boards need to be replaced with a more permanent and aesthetic railing solution.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't like
ID 2487
Uninspiring,Low Quality The gate to Victoria Park along with the railing is of low quality and is not in keeping with the other gates. The entrance to the park would benefit from a restored or new better gate. User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onRoman Road Adventure Playground
ID 2488
Other I can't believe I have been living in Bow for over a year and in the East End for over 10 and I have only just discovered there is an adventure playground off the Roman Road. Why isn't it better signposted/publicised?User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeUnused community space
ID 2489
Neglected Old basketball courts now just a space for dodgy dealings and broken glass - a large area that could give local youths and kids something fun to do if developed a little.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeCars speeding and sounding horns
ID 2490
Most evenings at rush hour and especially on Friday nights, cars have to wait to let other cars through as the road is quite narrow. This is leading to aggressive driving and speeding when cars do get to move. It is also causing a lot of noise for residents as some drivers feel the need to a) sound their horns and b) press them for 5 secs at a time or moreUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeRonan road
ID 2491
Well maintained,Welcoming,Clean,High Quality,Inspiring Grill place to liveUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onI would like Cadogan Terrace to be included in this neighbourhood forum. We are part of the community yet you have not included us.
ID 2492
Neglected I would like Cadogan Terrace to be included in this neighbourhood forum. We are part of the community yet you have not included us.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeWalkway that connects Bow Rd to Roman Rd
ID 2493
Other The route from Bow Rd down Addington Rd along this walkway to Tom Thumb arch is used by hundreds of people everyday and is a key access route to get across the railway line.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeOverland children centre
ID 2494
Welcoming love this centre, much needed!User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onThere are 4 enormous developments being build here. Do we know what the impact is on the services in our neighbourhood. Will fish island get additional schooling, GP, shops, restaurants?
ID 2495
Other User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeConservation area and public realm
ID 2496
Other Lower Roman Road should be included in the boundary. Hotel/b&b concentration and proposed increases in hotel development is threatening local amenity enjoyed by closely living residents. There have been multiple planning applications for high rise development and increased density here. Save our conservation area and include in boundary please.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeCo Op
ID 2497
Well maintained,Welcoming Great staff and 24 hours is handyUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRoad only Partially Resurfaced
ID 2498
Neglected Not all of the road was resurfaced making it dangerous for cyclists and motorbike users.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRoman Road Shops
ID 2499
Uninspiring,Neglected Too many empty shops! I think a restriction on the amount of betting shops and estate agents is needed. Also vacant shops should be let for pop ups or the like. Its depressing having so many shops empty waiting for landlords to just cash in. User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeHMOs
ID 2500
These properties housing students and so called young professionals are a cause of alot of grief - I dread the summer the windows are thrown open and the noisy and unsociable behaviour starts and in our street we have Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday and Sunday days tortured by drink and drug fuelled parties and general crap behaviour. We were told by one of these tenants - "it's London Life get used to it" Well I'm sorry as I said I've lived in this part of london all my life and I want no part of.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeMarket
ID 2501
Uninspiring How about introducing some street food/artisan makers stalls to the market? Would attract more visitors and help the local cafesUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeGrowing concerns
ID 2502
Welcoming What a brilliant place and everyone is so welcoming and happy to answer questions and give advice. Any chance in getting them involved in a community gardening project. The corner of the park here would lend itself to a community project, not much happening there and no one ever sits on that bench.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeLack of recycling for residents above shops
ID 2503
Neglected,Low Quality There is currently no recycling collection for people who live above commercial properties - leading to lots of unnecessary landfill. Would be great to find a solution - e.g. nearby on-street facilities for us to drop off food waste and mixed recycling.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likePedestrian Crossing
ID 2504
Unwelcoming Cars often do not stop at this corssing whcih is a key access to the park and canal.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeBeautiful Brick Historic Building
ID 2505
Other Not enough is done to preserve the old beautiful buildings in the area. This brick building has had an extension to allow for the creation of space for some tacky shops. There is plenty of space for shops in this road, as well as roman road, so it is sad to see that the facade of a beautiful building had to be damaged in this way. This extension should be removed and the shops relocated.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeAntisocial Behaviour
ID 2506
Unwelcoming,Neglected No CCTV, no lighting, a tip at the end of the road and direct access to the A12 seem to attract anti-social behaviour, mopeds, and drugs. For those wanting to Access wick lane for work reasons it makes for an intimidating walk at dark. This road should be cleaned, CCTV installed, the Tip converted to a public space, working space or a park and introduce better lighting and security.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likePond
ID 2507
Neglected The pond behind the Ecology Pavilion in Mile End Park has been leaking for the past five years at least, and despite many protestations to fix it from Mile End Park admin, is still in a neglected and run down state. User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeNewly refurbished pub the green goose
ID 2508
Enlivening,Welcoming,Well maintained Nice to see good quality businesses better maintaining previously neglected & unwelcoming premises.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeMore greenery
ID 2509
Uninspiring,Neglected,Low Quality Know this is technically out of the RR boundary, but would be great if there was more greenery around Mile End Station. The Rusty Bicycle cafe for example could add hedges or plants to their exterior gardenUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeNew trees and mud patch
ID 2510
Welcoming,Neglected,Inspiring Bit of a mixed comment this one - I like how a new space has been created and trees planted. This is excellent and exactly what is needed however nothing has been done to the base around the trees and so it is a bit of a mud patch with car tyre tracks in it. Are there plans to put flower beds or some other non-mud surface?User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeNoisy Roman Road traffic
ID 2511
My only real problem with the area is how fast and noisy a small handful of vehicles are, whether it's souped up BMW's racing past late at night or overly loud motorbikes from the tattoo shop owners - my entire home faces / borders Roman Road and it constantly disturbs my sleep! It's easily fixed by a couple of speed cameras.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likePDSA
ID 2512
15 Dec 17
Things I likeThe Nunnery Gallery and Carmelite Cafe
ID 2513
Inspiring,Clean,Well maintained,Welcoming,High Quality,Enlivening The Nunnery is run by Bow Arts Trust and hosts high quality art exhibitions that change throughout the year. The Carmelite Cafe, which is adjacent to the gallery also hosts small exhibitions of work. Both definitely worth visiting and supporting.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likenice little playground for young toddlers
ID 2514
Welcoming User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likespeeding traffic. No way that vehicles are sticking to 20 mph
ID 2515
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRoman Road market
ID 2516
Uninspiring,Unwelcoming,Low Quality The market is tacky, creates a lot of mess, & the stalls don't sell anything that me or anyone I know would want to buy.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeCar Speeding & Congestion
ID 2517
As a cut through to the A12 many cars speed (as fast as 50mph) down this road. This road is also often congested leading to traffic jams and lots of horn honking. User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeStreet Scape
ID 2518
Boring,Neglected,Low Quality Money to go to refreshing ALL shop fronts, and plant more trees!! User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likestreet in general
ID 2519
Boring,Uninspiring,Neglected Roman Road needs more trees. The traffic is often back to back which causes awful pollution. There are no trees so it's uncomfortable if the sun comes out and the lack of trees does not help to absorb the pollution User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likePlayground
ID 2520
Uninspiring How about improving the playground for the very little ones? Not much for toddlers to play hereUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onZebra crossing
ID 2521
Other People keep crossing the road here to get to the bus stop. Cars race along. A zebra crossing would help as this is where people cross anywayUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeIdea Store
ID 2522
Inspiring Great local library - well-stocked and friendlyUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeBike corssings
ID 2523
Well maintained,High Quality,Welcoming Grteat improvements to cycle safety. Keep them coming!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeFestivals on the Park
ID 2524
Unwelcoming,Other Most of the summer, this section of the park gets boarded and shut due to festivals.This causes a lot of problems for local residents: 1- when the park is boarded it's not possible to cut across the park to get to/or from the Village or to Victoria Park Road. A trip that would take 10 minutes, forces residents to walk around the park to conduct basic daily routines, taking at least 25 minutes to walk to any of those destinations. 2- The view of the park is damaged and it blocks the light 3- It is during the summer and the good weather that local residents want to enjoy the park for picnics, walks and outdoor living. Instead it is not accessible for long periods of time during the best weather. 4- The noise levels. During festival season one can't live outdoor or open windows due to the noise. 5- The littering. A particular example of this was the Boishaka Mela festival where there were loads of food stalls. People dropped all the litter and plastic on the park and that flew into the canal and the residential areas. The state of the park after that festival was despicable. 6- Damaged caused to the turf and the park roads. Last year after one of the festivals the turf was so damaged due to the rain and weight of the installations that the council had to board the park and write to the neighbours apologising. It took months to repair, and that section was unusable during the summer months. 7- Roads leading to the park. An example is Gunmakers lane. During the festival period the trees on the road got broken. Roads leading to the festivals get damaged and littered. 8- No money from the festivals seems to be put back into the park. Trees that break are never replaced, and some monuments and areas in the park could be better maintained and restored. 9- No money from the festivals seems to have gone into benefiting the local community. There have to be other ways of raising funds that are less intrusive and damaging. Why not create a flower center or glaUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeSaint Paul's
ID 2525
This beautiful church should be better maintained. The building's beautiful exterior is damaged by adjacent buildings and metal stair structures. The entrance and surroundings should be better maintained and more greenery introduced.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeHertford Union Canal
ID 2526
Neglected The Hertford Union canal walkway is in disrepair, littered and covered in graffiti. The walkway should be maintained, cleaned, graffiti free and trees and flowers should be introduced to maintain and enhance the beauty of this path.User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onRoman Road Market
ID 2527
Uninspiring I'm glad that RR Market is not a 'fancy' market but I do wish it had a good fruit and veg stall. I remember being able to buy things like Kentish cobnuts there only about 5 years ago. Now it's quite difficult to find seasonal fruit and veg even though there are hundreds of ethnic grocers on the street.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeDrug dealers due to absence of lights/CCTV
ID 2528
Neglected,Unwelcoming,Other,Low Quality The absence of lights, the shape of the street, the absence of bumpers, the possibility to run across the A12 makes this corner very convenient for drug dealers. A light and possibly a CCTV could help.User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeGraffitti on wall under bridge
ID 2529
Perhaps some street artists could create a mural here rather than the low quality 'tags' that are on the walls?User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeGreen (and blue) space
ID 2530
The parks and canal are just amazing, I feel so fortunate to live around here, it's quiet and green, full of flora/fauna and slow-paced green travellers, rather than loud, fast motor vehicles. I love it. User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeSpitalfields Crypt Trust
ID 2531
Well maintained,Welcoming Great charity shop for a local charity who help homeless people.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likePub
ID 2532
Welcoming,Enlivening The Morgan ArmsUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likedrug dealing and boy racers congregation point
ID 2533
Other User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likenoise from the a12 traffic, as there is no sound barrier
ID 2534
Low Quality,Neglected User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeJunction of Roman Road and St Stephens Road
ID 2535
Neglected,Uninspiring,Other More needs to be done to limit the number of cars and vans cutting through Bow in the morning and evening rush hours. The vast majority of these vehicles are just using this route as a rat-race and the increasing congestion is having a negative effect on the area and splitting Roman Road in two segments. Ideally, all of Roman Road should be one way or pedestrianised.User
15 Dec 17
Things I like
ID 2536
High Quality The section of road from St Stephen's Road to Grove Road is developing as a haven for independent stores. I would like to see more along here and a way to encourage landlords to do short lets. User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeGrowing Concerns
ID 2537
Inspiring Love Growing Concerns! Also think they do quite a bit in the communityUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeTom Thumbs Arch
ID 2538
Unwelcoming Key access from/to Bow Road. Need to make it appear more welcoming to those visiting the area. Keeping it free of rubbish and improving lighting would be a start!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't like
ID 2539
Neglected Bins are always overflowing hereUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRubbish from market
ID 2540
Neglected Rubbish from market blows into Gladstone Place and children's play areaUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeSt Stephens Park
ID 2541
Well maintained well kept pocket park and like the outdoor gym!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeMarket is Anonymous
ID 2542
All selling same stuffUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeGrowing concerns
ID 2543
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onBow Wharf
ID 2544
Other To be developedUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeSt Paul's
ID 2545
Good community spaceUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likesmall pocket park
ID 2546
Welcoming User
15 Dec 17
Things I likePUB
ID 2547
Enlivening User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onExtend Boundary to Victoria Park
ID 2548
Is this RR or is it HackneyUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeToo many cafes on RR
ID 2549
We need a more diverse high street offeringUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onGym
ID 2550
Great gym, maybe discounts for Roman Road Neighbourhood members?User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onCommunity estate green space
ID 2551
Re other comment below about more greenery, meant up here..... be nice to make more of the outside space here.....User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeThe Chesterfield
ID 2552
Inspiring,High Quality,Well maintained,Welcoming Love the Chesterfield cafe, food is great, fab coffee and best of all the play area at the back is great for little ones, keeps them safe, entertained and out of the way so they don't disturb other customers who want a bit of peace and quiet!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRoyal Mail letter box sealed up
ID 2553
Uninspiring,Neglected,Unwelcoming This post-box has been sealed up for many months and according to the chaps in the post office is unlikely to open again. The reason being is people who linger around the streets drinking alcohol from cans were using it as a public urinal - even when it was being emptied by the post man. Only in Tower Hamlets!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeGateway housing association
ID 2554
Neglected Can't this association be compelled to maintain its communal areas that face onto the street? There are a row of bushes and a raised garden that abut Arbery Road that are full of litter and look unloved and uncared for. Am tempted to empty a packet of wild flowers into the bed just so it doesn't look so miserable. Also some of the tenants don't care for the tiny bit of green space they have outside their homes which makes what could be a rather sweet cul de sac just look like an inner city dump. Can't we encourage people to have some ownership of where they live? User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeUnderpass - a bit grim, could be vastly improved through lighting, being painted in bright colours, etc
ID 2555
Boring,Unwelcoming,Neglected,Uninspiring,Low Quality User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeGreat to have a mix of uses in the area, but need to protect affordable work spaces - and provide more accross the area.
ID 2556
Enlivening User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeShut shops
ID 2557
Neglected Beau Belles and many other shops along Roman Rd have been unoccupied for ages. Landlords just sitting on them. Encourage them to let them, even if just short leases. Please! (but not betting shops!)User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeRoyal Mail
ID 2558
Useful to have a Royal Mail delivery office locallyUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onRoad is congested
ID 2559
Unwelcoming,Low Quality Road is congested from delivery lorries from both Tesco and Iceland constantly congregated thereUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't like
ID 2560
Neglected Shame the area lost a fire station. Looks sad and neglected. Would love it to become another useful public service, like a schoolUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeUseful independent shops
ID 2561
Selection of useful independent shops - DIY stores and fishmongersUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onEleanor Arms Pub
ID 2562
Welcoming,Enlivening,Clean,Inspiring,High Quality Proper traditional pub, welcoming staff and customers, a working fireplace, live jazz sunday evenings, intelectual quiz nights, great wine selection and a constantly changing, award winning selection of UK ales.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeKey Access from BOW CHURCH
ID 2563
15 Dec 17
Things I likeNice cycle routes
ID 2564
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeEcology Park
ID 2565
Neglected Great potential! User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeLots of green space around the development
ID 2566
15 Dec 17
Things I likePUB
ID 2567
Enlivening User
15 Dec 17
Things I likePUB
ID 2568
Enlivening User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeVacant Shops
ID 2569
Neglected How can we fill the vacant shopsUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeAffordable office space (B1, Non-store front) and artists studios
ID 2570
Apologies for the rant upfront, but... It'd be great to have more commercial opportunity and draw in Bow. If we want to keep things lively and creative in Bow, it's important that those keeping things lively and doing things that are welcomed in the area have a place to do them. There just aren't enough places to work in the area. Office space costs are through the roof and space is increasingly at a premium. Space Studios, Chisenhale and the Bow Arts Trust are great, but we need about 100 more of them to fill the demand. I don't mean the £500/desk co-working spaces you find now dotted throughout central London, rather office space and studio working artists spaces to run proper business and allow work to happen (without a massive amount of startup money). User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeLibrary
ID 2571
Welcoming Great local library!User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeCrown Pub
ID 2572
High Quality,Welcoming,Inspiring Love this pub! Great food, fab for kids and lovely staff!User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work on
ID 2573
Clean,Inspiring,High Quality,Well maintained Brilliant and well maintained (so far) playground for kids!User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onRats. overflowing stinking bins
ID 2574
I regularly see rats here. I imagine the bins are used by the Britannia fish bar (apologies to them if that's not the case). Could they not be emptied more regularly or maintained so rubbish is not strewn everywhere?User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onRoman Rd Market
ID 2575
Unwelcoming,Low Quality,Neglected,Uninspiring The Bow end of the market is very run down, dirty and feels unsafe to walk in at nights. The market itself sells a lot of tat and would be vastly improved by more variety in the stalls including food and better quality homeware products (not used pots and pans etc). Muxima have got it spot-on! User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRubbish-strewn derelict site beside Blackwall Tunnel approach road
ID 2576
Neglected Is the underground car park under Bow Community Hall used frequently. Could this space be developed for community use as part of a neighbourhood Plan?User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeOpen bins look messy and mean rubbish gets blown around - needs bin store or bins with lids
ID 2577
Low Quality,Neglected,Uninspiring User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeBow Arts Trust
ID 2578
Inspiring Good to have this cultural attraction close byUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeBetting shops
ID 2579
Unwelcoming,Low Quality Too many betting shops on this road. The space could be used for better purposes.User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onLord Cardigan
ID 2580
Apparently turning into a gastropub. Hoping it retains some sense of the local area User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onHidden park
ID 2581
Didn't even know this park was here! Why not advertise the presence of a park at the end of Roman Road a bit more?User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeSt Paul's Church
ID 2582
Welcoming,High Quality Brilliant and well used community spaceUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeabbotts
ID 2583
Family businessUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeMontessori School
ID 2584
15 Dec 17
Things I likeAdventure Playground
ID 2585
Excellent assetUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeSt Barnabas Church
ID 2586
15 Dec 17
Things I likeSt Stephens Park
ID 2587
High Quality User
15 Dec 17
Things I likePUB
ID 2588
Enlivening User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onPUB
ID 2589
Enlivening User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeGreening the High Street
ID 2590
Enlivening We need more greenery on the High StreetUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onVictoria Park
ID 2591
Feels like this should be a part of the concern / boundary for the Roman Road least as a collective (neighbourly) approach to caring about something that has such a big impact on your immediate area. I would assume the South Hackney, Hackney Wick, and Approach Rd crowds would feel the same.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeUseful shops
ID 2592
Other Great, useful local shops. Love the more fancy places but it's brilliant to have practical, DIY, useful shops for bits and pieces.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeBacaro
ID 2593
Other,Enlivening Can't wait to see what this new Italian restaurant will be like. We have a number of great coffee shops on Roman road now (Fika, Chesterfield, Zealand Rd, Mazuma) but are in need of some restaurants to keep the street vibrant in the evening too. All we need now is a decent gastropub on Roman Rd itself!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't like
ID 2594
Neglected,Unwelcoming Why is this a through road? So many cars use it as a shortcut and it is very dangerous for children! User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeNewbold Guardian property and area near the bins of the LA flat at the end of Arbery Road
ID 2595
Can't the Newbold Guardian people ensure they make their tenants sweep up around the property? Also the area around the bins to the council flats outside their building is a regular dumping round and I have seen foxes and rats there. How about another pocket park to make it look nice?User
15 Dec 17
Things I like
ID 2596
Love walking along the Canal and Victoria ParkUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeEast End Liquor Co
ID 2597
Enlivening,Welcoming,Inspiring Really like this bar and fact they are bringing back skilled industry to the area (gin distillery)User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeSuffragette history
ID 2598
Inspiring See the following web-site, the spot is recognised; User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeGreen Grocers
ID 2599
Welcoming,High Quality Green grocers of the Roman Road are great!User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeG R Kelly
ID 2600
High Quality,Inspiring,Welcoming User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeBow Road Idea Store
ID 2601
High Quality,Inspiring I love the Idea Stores in Tower Hamlets! Brilliant library, community space and great selection of affordable courses tooUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onLower Roman Road within Boundary
ID 2602
Why has the lower Roman Road been omitted? Surely it should be consirdered given its name and location. User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onG KELLY Pie and Mash
ID 2603
Important for local heritageUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeBig Flowers - Art
ID 2604
15 Dec 17
Things I likeCanals
ID 2605
Enlivening Walk and cycle to the Olympic ParkUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onSpeeding and Congestion
ID 2606
15 Dec 17
Things I likeLefevre Park
ID 2607
Welcoming User
15 Dec 17
Things I likePUB
ID 2608
Enlivening User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onBoundary Extended to Fish Island
ID 2609
Do we extend to include Wick LaneUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't like
ID 2610
Other Not enough parking for the MarketUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onPark
ID 2611
One of the best parks in the country, very lucky to have this on our doorstep.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likecafe
ID 2612
High Quality Great café!User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeOverflowing bins and rubbish left outside apartment block on Wick Lane
ID 2613
The block of flats next to the Bow Quarter Park Building gate constantly has overflowing bins, furniture, mattresses and old sofas outside. It looks really awful, is a hazard to cars as the rubbish is blown across the road and smells terrible in the summer. Not sure if the reason is because the bin house is too small, it certainly appears to be overflowing. I've called the council about it 3 times now but have been told nothing can be done. Can't the landlord be compelled to deal with the issue???User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onPonds water levels in ecology park allowed to get low
ID 2614
This has been an on-going thing for a couple of years, maybe more. The water level is low. There is a horrible yellow hose pipe just lying there. Looks like a typical example of urban decay when it could be so lovely. At least tell people what is going on if you're having trouble filling the ponds. I would like to see them full of water and life. Also I don't recall the wind turbine ever having turned in the years I have lived in E3. Wonder how much that cost and the point of it? User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onTredegar conservation area
ID 2615
Neglected I appreciate this is on people's private property, however I would like to see householders encouraged to sweep out the areas in front of their homes on a regular basis. Maybe they could be informed what day(s?) of the week their road is swept and they could sweep into the gutter - or heaven forfend - put the mess in to a bin themselves. And keep the pavement clean outside their homes. This would instantly make the area look cared for. We could encourage people to do this in the spirit of the people who swept up after the London riots. User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRubbish left in the road
ID 2616
Unwelcoming,Neglected There's so much rubbish left in the road after trading. It's like the end of a festival! More facilities for market traders to recycle cardboard and packagingUser
15 Dec 17
Things I likeSuffragette history
ID 2617
Inspiring Somewhere around here I think is the Toy Factory that the suffragettes founded to keep local women in employment. Would love to celebrate the area's suffragette history more.User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onInci shop
ID 2618
Other Great shop, but shame about the hoards of drunk people that congregate outside of Inci as soon as the sun goes down, Makes it a really intimidating place to shop and walk past a night. User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeBeau Bells Beauty Salon
ID 2619
Neglected,Low Quality Beau Bells has been shut for over two years, a new occupier should take it's place. Preferably not another beauty salon/nail parlour as these are catered for further up the road.User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onCafe/ Shop ratio
ID 2620
I do like some of the cafes on RR, but there is a thing as *too many* and we do need to keep and even increase good quality shops for everyday itemsUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work on
ID 2621
15 Dec 17
Things I likeBow Arts Trust
ID 2622
15 Dec 17
Things I likeNice Cafes and Shops
ID 2623
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeArts Pavilion
ID 2624
Neglected Great potentialUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeSemi - pedestrianised not working
ID 2625
15 Dec 17
Things I likePUB
ID 2626
Enlivening User
15 Dec 17
Things I likePUB
ID 2627
Enlivening User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onBOUNDARY CHANGE
ID 2628
We should extend the boundary to include Bow RoadUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeFire Station - Parnell Road
ID 2629
Other Concerned about converting it to a schoolUser
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onAge Uk
ID 2630
Inspiring,Welcoming Fantastic service for older people in the area!User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work on
ID 2631
Other It would be great to see more greenery around here, maybe a community garden in parts of the estate or some tree planting? Maybe the council could spruce it up a bit as it's a great area, great community, but looks a bit neglected at times.User
15 Dec 17
Things I like
ID 2632
Boring,Clean Nice little patch of green - could be so much more though.User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onInadequate bin
ID 2633
Why such a tiny bin here? Come Monday morning (especially in summer) it is overflowing and looks awful. A lot of people use this park and one little bin is simply inadequate.User
15 Dec 17
Things we need to work onRubbish is regularly dumped here.
ID 2634
Neglected How about making it into a pocket park?User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRR Car Park
ID 2635
Uninspiring,Other Under-utilised car parkUser
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeHigh street in the Roman road market
ID 2636
Boring,Unwelcoming,Low Quality,Uninspiring I find the stretch of Roman road where the market is held not particularly safe at night. I believe this is due to there being no businesses besides fast food and off licenses open late at night. This makes the area a ghost town with the odd group of youths hanging around. My main gripe with the area is the lack of restaurants. While there are a couple worth visiting, there is little choice considering the density and multicultural make up of the area. It has probably been said before but I feel we must introduce street food into Roman road market. I'm not talking about imitating Broadway market, but there should be on offer good quality, affordable street food to draw in more visitors and attract more locals to the market. I'm also in favour of a cap in the number User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeOpen Air Gym
ID 2637
Inspiring Free hub for local fitness fanatics - meeting point for enthusiasts of different sports who want to do some quality gym workouts in fresh air without spending a fortune. User
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likeSafe street play & commute for children
ID 2638
Unwelcoming,Boring I'd like to bring back street play for children. It would be lovely and a great community building initiative if we could close some of our streets to non resident cars, at certain times after school and during week-ends, to allow our children outside to play out in the street with their neighbours. Wrights Road would certainly benefit from this, as I'm sure other streets would too.User
15 Dec 17
Things I likeRoman Road car park
ID 1903
This space looked great at the Xmas Fair 2016 with all the lighting in the trees. It would make a great Town Square for Roman Road/Bow.Tabitha Stapely
17 Mar 17
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