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Things I don't likeRed road markings almost gone
ID 6924
The areas identified with red around junctions have almost worn away.Joe Purkis
12 Mar 20
Things we need to work onSalt bin needed
ID 6927
Water almost always runs over the cycle path here, a salt bin would be very handy to make it safe in winter.Joe Purkis
12 Mar 20
Things I don't likeIce
ID 6918
This section is never gritted so can be horribly icy.Joe Purkis
9 Mar 20
Things I don't likeCars always parked on cycle path
ID 6917
Cycle path at the side of the road is also used for parking making it dangerous for bike pulling in and out of the traffic around parked cars. Joe Purkis
9 Mar 20
Things I don't likeMixed cycling and foot path doesnt work
ID 6916
Walkers and cyclists doesn't mix very well, often kids of all ages on path at the same time as commuting cyclists. I cycle on the road to make it safer for walkers.Joe Purkis
9 Mar 20
Things I likeGreat private road to cycle
ID 6915
From here all the way to Dunecht there are great private roads or quiet back roads all the way to Dunecht. Only one locked gate to climb under/over, if this could be opened it would be a good way to get bikes off the busy A944,Joe Purkis
9 Mar 20
Things I don't likeCycle path ends abruptly
ID 6914
Cycle path from Aberdeen ends at the side of the road into Westhill. Very difficult place to cross to go into Westhill or straight onto busy roundabout for any other direction.Joe Purkis
9 Mar 20
Things I likeGood little back road for cycling
ID 6913
Better route than the actual cycle path. One section of dirt road could easily be made into cycle path which would be a nicer route than following the side of the main road.Joe Purkis
9 Mar 20
Things I don't likevery poor design of cycle path around new roundabout (which isnt on map).
ID 6912
Cycle path doesn't flow, it has sharp dangerous corners as it zig zags around every entrance and exit. Just rounding off the corners would help greatly.Joe Purkis
9 Mar 20
Things I likeNew cycle path from Kintore Business Park to Thainstone Roundabout
ID 4628
Cycle path has been completed between Kintore Business Park to Thainstone Roundabout. This has enabled people to cycle between Kintore and Port Elphinstone without going on or across the A96 road carriageways. This has encouraged a lot of cyclists and walkers/joggers, and will be used even more when the Kintore railway station is opened. Paul Davison
14 Nov 18
Things we need to work onCyclists need an access path from Miltonfold to Howes Road
ID 4073
This is a really bad choke point. Assuming you've worked out the tortuous route from Dyce to Bucksburn via bike, you are faced with a short length of narrow congested footpath past the Police Station. Cycling should be as convenient as driving by car. Then people would make the switch!sean evans
12 Sep 18
Things I likeEasy access to Kirkhill Cycle Trails avoiding A96... read below
ID 4072
Don't think like a car driver. If you cycle through Kirkhill Industrial Estate, you'll find an access path behind Halliburton on Howe Moss Crescent. This leads up to the cycle trails via a jeep track.sean evans
12 Sep 18
Things I don't likeThe whole point of this map is to promote sustainable transport
ID 4071
Therefore, comments suggesting cyclists waste their time putting their bike on a bus are pointless. It should be just as convenient to travel by cycle as it is the car. So let's see some sensible suggestions. Cyclists don't like dicing with death cycling on the A96 so either provide alternative routes or make SAFE provision alongside the carriageway.sean evans
12 Sep 18
Things we need to work onReposition this road junction for cyclists and pedestrians
ID 4070
If the Oyne to Chapel of Garioch road junction had a pedestrian and cycle access path alongside the South side of the railway, it would open up a safer route to allow cyclists to go from Insch to Inverurie via the back roads around Chapel of Garioch, without having to dice with death on a 100 metre stretch of the A96. It would join up with a huge network of safe and not too hilly roads.sean evans
12 Sep 18
Things we need to work onOld Kemnay Road pedestrian right of way across A96
ID 2663
1. When the A96 Inverurie by-pass was constructed, it cut through the community of Port Elphinstone leaving families west of the new line of the A96 without adequate arrangements to walk to the main part of the community. It is essential to construct a footbridge over the A96 so that we can walk into the main part of Port Elphinstone to access the school, shops and bus stops, or to walk into Inverurie. Such a bridge would be used by local residents and by people including tourists who use the Old Kemnay Road as a very attractive amenity for recreational activities. The 'alternative' to the pedestrian route across the by-pass is an extremely steep track underneath the by-pass. When the Don floods or is in heavy spate, river water floods this track and it is impossible to use it. In any case the track is so muddy throughout the year it is extremely dangerous - runoff from the A96 contributes greatly to this situation. And now the track has been a mixture of bare mud, running water and tracts of ice for some time. It is no exaggeration to call the path under the A96 lethal. I have already fallen in trying to make my way to the shops. But I do not have a car at the moment and so my only option is to walk across the A96, which is also dangerous because some car drivers ignore the warning signs alerting them to the presence of the footpath. 2. There is no road sign to alert drivers to the existence of a road leading to the houses west of the A96 in Port Elphinstone. It is both urgent and imperative to have such signs in place. 3. The houses west of the A96 form part of Port Elphinstone. We are a very long distance from any bus stop.Penny Dransart
22 Dec 17
Things we need to work onPublic Transport to and from Kemnay
ID 2655
Transport to and from Kemnay is terrible, either trying to get to Inverurie to get the train the bus and train times don't run together you have to wait in Inverurie for ages because bus arrives 10 minutes late for train. No transport in the evening from Inverurie. X20 to Aberdeen takes 1.5 hours to go 12 miles. Its all too much hassle easier to take the car.Alison Simpson
20 Dec 17
Things I don't likePark&Ride
ID 2654
An excellent facility that I would readily use, but am prevented from doing so by the height barriers; if they cannot be removed then at least provide a POC to arrange them to be opened on arrival/departure.Bruce Sandilands
20 Dec 17
Things we need to work ontrain fares
ID 2651
More service between Inverurie & Aberdeen needed, like a shuttle service & much less expensiveeve watson
19 Dec 17
Things we need to work ontrain fares & service
ID 2650
shuttle service between Inverurie & Aberdeen at lower cost.eve watson
19 Dec 17
Things I don't likeTrain Fares
ID 2649
£2500 for an annual season pass (before the predicted fare rise in 2018) for Insch-Aberdeen line. I spend a total of £200 a month on all aspects for my car. Not a massive difference, but only viable if I completely give up my car. And if I give up my car, my options are seriously limited. Equally when I do take the train into Aberdeen, it's almost a 50/50 chance my train is delayed significantly or cancelled (has happened to me 5 times in the last 2 months). I hate the commute into Aberdeen, due to traffic and congestion, but I cannot afford to use public transport.Jack Rigby
19 Dec 17
Things we need to work onCongestion at Thainstone & Port Elphinstone roundabouts
ID 2652
Congestion at Thainstone & Port Elphinstone roundabouts has been a serious problem for over 10 years and no-one has done anything to reduce it. The Council should stop approving developments which load more and more traffic onto the roundabouts at peak hours. Most of the problem in the evening is the restriction in northerly flow caused by the Don bridge single lane and the journey through Inverurie town centre for Oldmeldrum-bound commuters. In the long term, the A96 dualling programme might reduce the congestion a bit. The plans I've seen to date however, will either ruin Bennachie or the Keithhall estate. The Council should upgrade the Dyce-Oldmeldrum road. The A96 dualling team should consider a route for the Inverurie bypass starting at the Kinellar roundabout. This would enable Oldmeldrum-bound traffic to bypass Inverurie town centre. The bypass could rejoin the existing A96 at the Inveramsey bridge. Paul Davison
19 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRE: Comment about Stagecoach 37 & 10
ID 2641
It's a bus, it's supposed to go in past multiple places to keep it profitable. The 10 runs once every hour which is more than enough for a long distance service between Aberdeen/Inverness. They did have a 30min service once between Aberdeen & Inverurie but NOBODY used it. There is timetable changes coming Jan 8th 2018 which may improve times but really, nothing can be done unless you want insane timing points which means sitting around for ages. This individual needs to learn to be patient.Someone Someone
18 Dec 17
Things I don't likeQueuing traffic
ID 2648
Queues here appear every day at rush hour, often stretching over a mile. This makes for an extra 10+ minutes on every journey, for every car, and is a daily frustrationJames Dunphy
18 Dec 17
Things I likeMarkings
ID 2647
The new markings and surface at this roundabout are great.James Dunphy
18 Dec 17
Things I don't likeDarkness and cyclists
ID 2646
I have been startled to find cyclists in the left hand lane, in the dark, on the dual carriageway. This section of the road is already complex, as cars turn into and across the carriageway. Combined with the darkness, I worry about the use of cycles on such a busy road and have seen drivers brake sharply, causing others behind to do so too, having not realised a cycle was in the lane.James Dunphy
18 Dec 17
Things we need to work onQueuing traffic
ID 2645
I often spend 10-15mins trying to leave Inverurie in the morning, with traffic backed up on Blackhall Road. In the winter this delay can grow to 20mins+ and I presume is caused by the lack of dual carriageway. This sometimes leads me to seek to leave via Port Elphinstone, however, again this route can become extremely congested. Today, as an example, it took me 30minutes to join the dual carriageway.James Dunphy
18 Dec 17
Things I don't like.
ID 2644
.Someone Someone
18 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRE: Comment about "dangerous cycling"
ID 2643
Of course it's dangerous to cycle here! It's a dual carriageway which is used by thousands of vehicles everyday and there's the ongoing AWPR works. Not sure why anyone would cycle here when there's plenty buses to take to Aberdeen/Peterhead/Fraserburgh/etc.Someone Someone
18 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRE: Comment regarding "expensive buses"
ID 2642
The bus fares are cheap as anything. If you feel they are too high then that's just you. The problem is car users like yourself. More people using cars means more congestion, more pollution and slightly higher fares to make up for reduced passenger numbers. Bus > Car.Someone Someone
18 Dec 17
Things we need to work onsomething to work on
ID 2639
currently having to take public transport to Altens Industrial Estate, this journey takes approximately 2 hours and 2 buses to travel approximately 17-18 miles. Currently no transport running from park and ride at Dyce to Altens, this should be looked at. Also my partner is currently attending Robert Gordons University, she tried the park and ride at Dyce, it was a nightmare, parked up, unfortunately buses only run direct to city centre, then had to take another bus to uni campus. The same journey back home, exhausted, tired and freezing, not again.The communication between Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire transport hierarchy is obviously non-existent.iain Mackay
15 Dec 17
Things I don't likePark and ride
ID 2430
I was also looking forward to using the park and ride especially to ARI where parking for staff is very limited. Unfortunately the bus service is poor. I drive a large car with a roof rack and unfortunately it does not fit within the height restrictions. I appreciate why there may be height restrictions but feel I am being penalised due to other members of the public abusing the area? Is there a designated area available for people who have roof racks, bike racks or motor homes?Debbie Michie
14 Dec 17
Things I don't likeTraffic lights phasing
ID 2429
Why do we need to stop heading out of Aberdeen, when traffic heading in to Aberdeen gets a turn? Fair enough at rush hour, but later at night when traffic is quiet it is frustrating to have to sit and wait for the lights to cycle through each part of the junction, when there are no cars!Nicola Fraser
14 Dec 17
Things we need to work onPedestrian/cycle path betwen Bridge of Don and Dyce
ID 2428
I think a significant number of people would commute between Bridge of Don and Dyce and, at present, cyclists, runners and pedestrians have to go down the busy The Parkway and Mugiemoss route or round the back roads, which are not really suitable for cycling. The development of the Grandhome Estate could be a great opportunity to insert a cycle/pedestrian route to Dyce, which would link Bridge of Don to workplaces in Dyce, the train station and the Formartine and Buchan Way.Joel Evans
14 Dec 17
Things I don't likeLack of orbital bus routes
ID 2434
Why are there still no orbital routes around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire? Surely when the AWPR is complete this is an even more fantastic opportunity to encourage commuters to use the bus??Katy Jones
14 Dec 17
Things I likeBus service
ID 2433
I'm pleased there continues to be a regular bus service between Aberdeen, Kintore and Inverurie. It is a little pricey, though, and I'd use it more if it was cheaper. Katy Jones
14 Dec 17
Things I don't likePark and Ride
ID 2432
The charges for Park and Ride are far too high to encourage anyone to use it. If it was cheaper I'd give it a go, as it stands I can't imagine why anyone would use it.Katy Jones
14 Dec 17
Things we need to work onKintore train station
ID 2431
The sooner the new train station is set up in Kintore, the better as this will make it much easier to travel into Aberdeen without the car.Katy Jones
14 Dec 17
Things I don't likeBus Service
ID 2427
Shocking service and over priced, the last time I took the bus I had to phone a friend to give me a lift home. It's the car for me every time!James Robetson
13 Dec 17
Things we need to work onSafe cycling path from Inverurie to Aberdeen (and Safe to cycle not simply safe in the eyes of planners!)
ID 2426
Need a full, safe cycling pathway or route between Inverurie and Aberdeen. Cycling on the A96 is dangerous especially around slip roads. it is also unsafe for vehicles on the road - multiple occasions I've witnessed extreme braking or swerving to miss a cyclist and other vehicles. the cycle path from port elphinstone to Thainstone is OK, but becomes a joke when you have to cross a busy A96 to safely cycle from Thainstone to Kintore - even worse now that there is a cycle path from Kintore to the Business park!Robert McGregor
12 Dec 17
Things we need to work onCycle lane St Machar to Tillydrone Avenue transition
ID 2403
Entry to Tillydrone Avenue lane on pavement is after lights and barrier, which creates potential conflict with pedestrians waiting at lights that would be better solved by having an exit from the St Machar lane before the barrierMichael Duguid
11 Dec 17
Things we need to work onCycle lane inconsistent
ID 2402
Some of the roads it crosses have lowered kerbs in line with the lane, other have the kerbs to the side but full kerbs right beside cycle lane markings, it's very disjointed, The marking on the pavements aren't consistent eitherMichael Duguid
11 Dec 17
Things we need to work onPublic transport from Kemnay
ID 2397
Really bad bus service - times and cost. A return adult bus fare is far more than fuel spent in car to Aberdeen & back. If we were serious about taking cars off the road then the bus fare would be cheaper. We would also reinstate the railway line. If the AWPR can be built, then so can the railway line.David Caney
8 Dec 17
Things I don't likeShared use of pavement along Auchmill Rd - pedestrains & cyclists??
ID 2396
But cyclists can also use bus lane which I prefer. Why? because there are no pedestrians waiting at bus stops that pose a risk, the path itself is worn and prob not gritted in winter and the bus lane is, well, empty!! - which says it all reallyDavid Caney
8 Dec 17
Things we need to work onSlip road that runs along the A96
ID 2395
This could so easily have been a show piece cycle route to Blackburn (at least). But soon runs out and cyclist has to rejoing to carriageway. David Caney
8 Dec 17
Things we need to work onTyrebagger summit dangerous for cycling from Aberdeen
ID 2394
Whilst a cycle lane tunnel would be nice, this is a particualry tricky part of the carriageway for cyclists where traffic comes off to the left and you are left in between cars. Once again, a great idea is for a dedicated cycle laneDavid Caney
8 Dec 17
Things I don't likeNo cycle provision at all on new Craibstone roundabout
ID 2393
Forward thinking society would have put an underpass for cycle lanes. Instead, the cyclist takes up more of the lane for safety. Not looking forward to when AWPR opens - but don't see why I have to stop cycling here.David Caney
8 Dec 17
Things I don't likeThere is no cycle lane from Inverurie / kintore to Aberdeen
ID 2392
I choose to cycle most days into Aberdeen along A96 because alternative route is just as dangerous (and much longer) however there could so easily be a cycle lane. Too bad if traffic doesn't like a cyclist on dual carriageway - this is 2017 and the A96 has been around for too long without cycle provision. You could make use of existing (old road) either side between Kintore & Blackburn for example - but that might require underpass?? IS THERE THE WILL TO DO THIS??????David Caney
8 Dec 17
Things we need to work onpotholes
ID 2400
Extremely dangerous for cyclists because of the elongated shape created by the exposed copper pipes - prob for traffic lights. No big deal for cars but lethal for cyclists. Quite a few found on the approach to lights coming out of AberdeenDavid Caney
8 Dec 17
Things we need to work ondangerous for cyclists at junction to roundabout from Gt Northern Rd
ID 2399
Most cars leave no space for cyclists at junction - there needs to be a dedicated cycle laneDavid Caney
8 Dec 17
Things we need to work onThe worst roundabout on the planet - esp for cyclists
ID 2398
The Haudigan is a major embarrassment for the City of Aberdeen - a city that is one of the most cycle unfriendly cities in the world. I cross it most days on my bike both ways and my trick, for safety, is to take up an entire lane so vehicles aware. What a joke. Surely the new bypass will incorporate cycle provision David Caney
8 Dec 17
Things we need to work onEV CHarging
ID 2389
No EV charging in Dyce, closest is Bucksburn or Bridge of DonMark Swinhoe
7 Dec 17
Things we need to work onEV Charging
ID 2388
No EV charging, closest in Bridge of Don or BucksburnMark Swinhoe
7 Dec 17
Things we need to work onEV charging
ID 2387
there is no electric car charger between in Banffshire which means i have to charge in Inverurie twice and plug in at customers business in order to return to AberdeenMark Swinhoe
7 Dec 17
Things we need to work onNo Ev Charging
ID 2386
Driving an electric car there is no EV facility in Oldmeldrum, currently charge in Aberdeen which isn't a major problem just adds time to my commute. Mark Swinhoe
7 Dec 17
Things I don't likeNew Traffic lights
ID 2385
these traffic lights cause more traffic jams than they avoid, i regularly wait here in the morning in either direction yet there is no one coming from any other direction as the roads leading from it are currently closed. a pet hate is that coming home at 10pm on a Sunday night and waiting at the lights and there is no one else on the roadMark Swinhoe
7 Dec 17
Things I likeInverurie bypass
ID 2384
This has removed the need to drive through the Inverurie High Street on my commute from Aberdeen to OldmeldrumMark Swinhoe
7 Dec 17
Things we need to work onTraffic queues morning & night!
ID 2383
I am currently travelling from Port Elphinstone to Aberdeen by bus and am so frustrated that the 37 takes over 90 mins to go to Aberdeen - on a good day! Firstly, it has to take it's place in the long, slow queue of traffic coming out ( and in) to Inverurie, so is NEVER on time. Then you go on a tour of city and suburbs, empty park & ride, a hospital that has more buses than is needed, then eventually we get to the city centre! The 10 does not run frequently enough to be a useful service for workers commuting. If the 37 was to go into the new AECC that would again add to the time it takes to get into Aberdeen, which for me means going back to using my car. Allison Clark
7 Dec 17
Things we need to work onVery poorly maintained roads
ID 2382
I live in Inverurie and work at Woodend Hospital meaning I have to take "back roads" rather than the main roads which are busy and dangerous when people are walking or cycling on them. The pot holes on this road are extensive. It makes driving on these roads difficult, never mind cycling where you would easily cause damage to your bike if you hit one. There are no public transport options for me - I would be required to take a bus or train into Aberdeen city centre and then a bus back out to Woodend Hospital which would be costly and timely.Lisa McIntosh
7 Dec 17
Things we need to work onComment
ID 2391
As a daily commuter - Public transport options are non-existent. Buses are too expensive, not frequent enough and too slow. On the rare occasion I've used the bus, I have witnessed people being left behind at peak times because there are too many people using it. Will take a lot to convince me that a park & ride will ever be worthwhile.Elaine Davidson
7 Dec 17
Things we need to work onRailway station
ID 2375
if there is eventually a station re-constructed at Kintore ,I would use this instead of using my car, been spoken about for years with NESTRANS but STILL waiting for this to happenalan duncan
6 Dec 17
Things I don't likeBarely useable path
ID 2374
'path' is barely usable for pedestrians or bikes, a narrow scrape of rubble that is overgrown and blocked by signs Michael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onMore buses take bikes
ID 2373
Would be good if there were more buses that took bikes, right now there are only the handful e.g. coast rider route. Theoretically you could put in hold of some coaches but drivers don't allow it a lot of the timeMichael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onPedestrian footbridge closed
ID 2372
Minor bit of damage due to flood one year and now closed forever, I'm sure council strategy is to just hope it gets successively worse over the years and can then be demolished, rather than repairing it while still economically viableMichael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onObstacles in path
ID 2369
There's a path that comes down from behind Stoneywood house and continues all the way to the Don bridge at Dyce that could be made useful with a little extra work; a bit of gravel, a plank or two over a burn, remove a fenceMichael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onIncomplete path
ID 2367
There's a nicely surfaced path here from the A947, built in 2012, that has a sign about completion in 2013, and here we are in nearly 2018 and there's been nothing else done. Presumably meant to link up to sections further North along the river.Michael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things I don't likeToo dangerous for walking / cycling
ID 2366
Like most commuter routes to the North (East, West, South) there is zero provision for active travel, it would have been easy to build a small path alongside the road, but Aberdeen council hate anything but carsMichael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things I don't likeNew ring road interrupts path
ID 2365
Remains to be seen how users of the Deeside way will manage to traverse the flood of traffic on the ring road. It will be impossible to cross at peak times unless there is a bridge or underpassMichael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things I likeDeeside way
ID 2364
The only half decent cycle route in AberdeenMichael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things I don't likeTrains are overcrowded and expensive
ID 2363
You spend loads of money to stand for hours on overcrowded trains, sometimes reservations are ignored, and good luck getting a bike on any of theseMichael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things I don't likeRoad full of entitled aggressive speeding motorists
ID 2362
(Comment moderated) we need cycle paths - (comment moderated) congestion is caused by too many motor vehicles, and 99% of road accidents are caused by motor vehicles.Michael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work ontest
ID 2361
testSomeone Someone
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onCycle Route
ID 2360
I don't agree that cycle lanes should be added to the A96 for long distances (unless, of course, completely separate cycle paths were created away from the road). However, with the number of cyclists that go up to Kirkhill for mountain biking/trails it would be great to see a cycle path up Tyrebagger to Kirkhill from Aberdeen. I don't personally cycle at Kirkhill but see many cyclists who do make the treacherous journey on their bikes up Tyrebagger from Aberdeen and regardless of whether they are well lit up/dressed etc the A96 is not a place for a cyclist. Make a cycle path here so that cyclists can safely enjoy the great trails at Kirkhill!A B
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onOff road cycle routes
ID 2381
There are several old paths/tracks between Inverurie and Bennachie. They would make great cycle routes.Lynda Bain
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onCycle route
ID 2380
A cycle route should run into Aberdeen from Inverurie but it should be separate from the A96. It would be great to cycle on a route which is not alongside fast traffic giving off fumes.Lynda Bain
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onPark & Ride
ID 2379
We have moved to Aberdeenshire from Norfolk and have always used Park & Ride services to get into both Norwich and Cambridge for shopping and work. However, having used the Park & Ride here twice I would not want to use it again. It needs to be a straight in and out service, not stopping all the time and it needs to be more frequent. Park & Ride can be a great service but this one is practically pointless - it is just as quick to queue to go into the City to park, which is such a shame when the facilities and location are good. Suzanne Rhind
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onMini roundabout
ID 2378
The traffic lights for the cut through from the hotels/airport need to go and a mini roundabout put it. So many times a red light stops the traffic for one car coming out of the junction.
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onUseless cycle lane
ID 2377
It usually has cars parked along most of it, which also obscures the vision of West bound traffic emerging from T-junctionsMichael Duguid
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onCraibstone park and ride
ID 2376
I was very excited to hear about the new park and ride at Craibstone. As I commute from Inverurie and work at the hospital site I thought that it would mean that I wouldn't have to queue at Haudigan and other points. Unfortunately, there is such a naff bus service from the park and ride to Foresterhill (number 37, I'm looking at you) I wouldn't get to work until about 0945 as I have to drop children off at nursery in Inverurie first. If there were better bus links from the park and ride it could be great, but the few times I've got the 37 home, as it swings through the park and ride I've seen a maximum of 6 cars in the huge car park. If the bus service is useless, people aren't going to use it. This should be a priority.
6 Dec 17
Things we need to work onRe-doubling of rail line Inverurie-Aberdeen
ID 2357
Need to accelerate this promised provision in order to provide the promised regular interval, half-hourly train service. There have been long, unexplained delays for over two years in delivering this. Colin Miller
5 Dec 17
Things I don't likePedestrian access from Aberdeen Rail Station to Trinity Centre and Union Street
ID 2356
Existing access is under a dripping bridge structure, into an intimidating hidden space, then up steps -- all entirely unsuitable for what should be a principal means of accessing the rail station. It is appalling that nothing has been done to remedy this for years.Colin Miller
5 Dec 17
Things I don't likeArrows on lanes
ID 2355
As the other marker notes, traffic can be horrendous here, particularly in winter. The left lane leading up to the roundabout is left and ahead, and the right lane is right only. It is by no means a solution but it may help to slightly alleviate congestion by allowing those going straight on to use the right hand lane, thus making the left lane left only and the right lane for those going straight and right.C Marshall
5 Dec 17
Things I don't likeCycle comment
ID 2343
Not sure why the other marker wants a cycle path, this a busy dual carriageway and as such, cycling is dangerous. Cyclists only this road only cause accidents and congestion. If you have to bring a bike with you to whereever, you should make use of the 37/10 Stagecoach buses which can take your bike (coach only).Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things we need to work onBus service AECC
ID 2342
Once the new AECC is complete, I recommend encouraging Stagecoach to reroute their 37 into the AECC to provide links here. This would be beneficial to business users, people doing leisure activities and cyclists. Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things we need to work onTraffic Lights
ID 2341
The lights should give priority to all bus services to avoid delays.Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things I don't likeTraffic Lights
ID 2340
Remove these lights as they only add to congestion which adds delays to local bus services. Plenty of other areas people can cross the road at.Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things I don't likeCycle path comment
ID 2339
Not sure why the other marker wants a cycle path, this a busy dual carriageway and as such, cycling is dangerous. Cyclists only this road only cause accidents and congestion. If you have to bring a bike with you to whereever, you should make use of the 37/10 Stagecoach buses which can take your bike (coach only).Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things I don't likeCycle path comment
ID 2338
Not sure why the other marker wants a cycle path, this a busy dual carriageway and as such, cycling is dangerous. Cyclists only this road only cause accidents and congestion. If you have to bring a bike with you to whereever, you should make use of the 37/10 Stagecoach buses which can take your bike (coach only).Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things we need to work onTraffic Lights
ID 2336
The traffic lights in the centre of Aberdeen and Union Street should give priority to buses so they aren't held up leaving/exiting the bus station. Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things we need to work onTraffic Lights
ID 2335
The traffic lights in the centre of Aberdeen and Union Street should give priority to buses so they aren't held up leaving/exiting the bus station. Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things we need to work onTraffic Lights
ID 2334
The traffic lights in the centre of Aberdeen and Union Street should give priority to buses so they aren't held up leaving/exiting the bus station. Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things I don't likeTraffic Lights
ID 2333
The traffic lights in the centre of Aberdeen and Union Street should give priority to buses so they aren't held up leaving/exiting the bus station. Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things we need to work onBus stop
ID 2332
Aberdeen CC need to either remove or reduce the amount of buses stopping here, it only causes congestion. Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things I likeBus station
ID 2331
If more people used the Stagecoach buses, there would be a hell of a lot less traffic on the roads. The buses would also be on time more often. I use them all the time and have zero issues. Ditch your car and use the bus, folk.Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things I likePenguins
ID 2351
Penguins Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things I likePenguins
ID 2350
Someone Someone
4 Dec 17
Things we need to work onUnderpass
ID 2349
Add mirrors at entrances to the underpass to allow users to see if there is anyone coming the other way or lurking there.Richard Pelling
4 Dec 17
Things we need to work onUnderpass
ID 2348
Add mirrors at entrances to the underpass to allow users to see if there is anyone coming the other way or lurking there.Richard Pelling
4 Dec 17
Things I likeMounthooly underpass
ID 2347
The Mounthooly underpass is good - but it needs to get useful connections added at both sides to make it more convenient.Richard Pelling
4 Dec 17
Things I don't likeDangerous junction
ID 2346
Always the risk of cars cutting across cyclists hereRichard Pelling
4 Dec 17
Things I don't likeDangerous blind corner
ID 2345
Blind corner on the Auchmill Rd shared use path is very dangerous. I have been hit here on my bike and ended up on my back in the middle of the A96.Richard Pelling
4 Dec 17
Things I don't likeTerrible road surface
ID 2344
Road surface on N bound Old Meldrum road is terrible and a real hazard when cycling.Richard Pelling
4 Dec 17
Things I don't likeBottleneck
ID 2330
At rush hour in the mornings, traffic can be queued back from this roundabout all the way onto High Street in Inverurie. Sometimes it takes 15-20 minutes to get through Inverurie, but the traffic is just as bad at the A96 Blackhall roundabout too, so both options are poor. If public transport options were better and reliable it would maybe get some of tbeee cars off the roads.Kirstie Waterston
3 Dec 17
Things I likeMy location
ID 2327
Distance to travel 5 days a week on th A96. Morrisons roundabout in Inverurie slows everyone down at peak travel timeKirsty Crook
2 Dec 17
Things we need to work onElectric Car Charging Points
ID 2323
Need electric car charging points in Kemnay - nearest hub is Inverurie and sometimes points are not workingIrene Ferguson
1 Dec 17
Things we need to work onCycling between invurie/kintore and Aberdeen is too dangerous needs a separate cycle lane
ID 2326
I have tried to cycle this way and would cycle more often but I'm not too keen on dying. The alternatives along the country roads at rush hour are no better. To encourage me into a more sustainable commute there needs to be a route that doesn't involve me risking my life.Stephen Hargreaves
1 Dec 17
Things we need to work onTOWN
ID 2325
could we have more bus links to Inverurie in the early mornings and in the evenings as very limited at the moment cycling routes are difficult because the speed of the driving around Oldmeldrum HGV traffic is accessing the town centre ignoring all signs - no Police to manage the problemKAYE COWIE
1 Dec 17
Things we need to work onLeithfield Oldmeldrum
ID 2324
Could something be done for people wishing to cycle around Oldmeldrum as the roads are way to dangerous for cyclists KAYE COWIE
1 Dec 17
Things we need to work onCycling connections to new AECC
ID 2307
I am hoping that cycling is promoted as one of the means to get between the new AECC and the city center, and that the provision of safe cycle paths (in other words NOT cycle paths that cars are allowed to park on) is being taken seriously.Tony Craig
30 Nov 17
Things I don't likesimilar to junction at northern hotel/ with clifton road, eager beavers turning L up inverurie road will kill a cyclist here one day, i was struck in the head from behind (a lorries wing mirror hit th
ID 2322
danger blackspot, would be great to encourage / entice cyclists away from these routes in the first placealex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I don't likevery dangerous R-turning junction for bicycles - i've learned to use cycle path out to old meld rum road and into dyce that way
ID 2321
black-spotalex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I don't likehaudegan on a bicycle is an 'experience' - i've learned to cross over to opposite side of the carriageway and walk across end of mugiemoss road and get onto cycle path out to dyce
ID 2320
do you really need to ask? :-)alex doig
30 Nov 17
Things we need to work onpotential to link up some of the footpaths in this area with cycle route 1 out to dyce
ID 2319
development opportunity to remove cycling routes from main roads altogetheralex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I don't likecycle lane along north deeside road is a dangerous joke, with cars parked along a lot of it, and some ignoring it completely, maybe not realising it's a cycle lane - a friend of mine was knocked off f
ID 2318
a good example of an ineffective cycling 'infrastructure'alex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I likesome really nice path network here that could be utilised more for cyclists
ID 2317
attractive alternative between lang stracht and kings wells areaalex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I don't likeironic that i cycle through aberdeen and i've had as many near misses here than almost in town, for some reason R-turning vehicles coming from Oldmeldrum tend not to recognise me on my bike as i'm rid
ID 2316
another dangerous blackspot with potential for cars to run straight through cyclists. alex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I likegreat stretch of cycle lane all the way to westhill
ID 2315
more stretches like this would be welcomed by cyclists and used so much morealex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I don't likedeadly stretch of road on a bicycle that i try to avoid at all costs
ID 2314
a cycle lane of tyre bagger would offer a much more direct route home to inverurie by bicycle and could be linked up with the recent cycle lane part way from kintore to inveruriealex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I don't likehowever much i enjoy cycling on the buchan way, getting to dyce station from the centre of aberdeen (Gt northern road, haudegan, etc) is a very different matter
ID 2313
consideration of safer cycling routes (maybe linking national route 1 more) from the city centre to dyce would be fantastic alex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I likei love cycling on the buchan way from Dyce Station out to newmachar (the roads from there to inverurie are pleasant and have very light traffic use)
ID 2312
i really enjoy cycling home using the buchan wayalex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I don't likeone of the most dangerous parts of my journey home to inverurie by bicycle (when i come this way) - left-turning cars frequently cut me up in their rush to get past on their way up clifton road. i al
ID 2311
this is an extremely unsafe junction for cyclists who are simply continuing along gt northern road, particularly those who might be unaware of the sheer ignorance of some drivers heading up clifton road (i urge anyone to ride this stretch of road on a bicycle at rush hour to experience it for themselves) alex doig
30 Nov 17
Things I don't likebike lane stops here - should be continued all the way to inverurie
ID 2310
unsafe to cross the A96 at this point to continue on the N bound side then re-cross to S-bound side at thainstonealex doig
30 Nov 17
Things we need to work onCriabstone Park and RIde
ID 2309
For a P&R to be successful two things are needed. (1) frequent transport to city centre - frequent enough that you don't need to consult a timetable (2) fast transport to the city centre. 35 minutes or more is far too long, which is why we need a more rapid transit system like a tram. At the moment people will not be persuaded because neither of these two conditions is met. A look at many other cities throughout Europe (and beyond) will give an idea of what I mean. For example, when I visit Vienna I can get from the airport to the city centre in 16 minutes! The C-Train in Calgary (Canada) is another example of a great and well-used system.Terry Ashton
30 Nov 17
Things we need to work onCycle path - Inverurie to Kintore
ID 2308
The provision of a cycle path between Kintore and Kintore Business Park was a step in the right direction, but is frankly useless unless it also connects with Inverurie. We need this to be extended so that a safe cycleway can be established between the two settlements.Dave Miller
30 Nov 17
Things we need to work onCraibstone Park and Ride
ID 2285
Are people aware of this new, open Park and Ride, and what do they think of it?D Eliz
24 Nov 17
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